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    Pena X Series Mula

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    SBD Void & We 925

    A few for sale. No trades. US shipping only. Come with original boxes and such. Thanks! 1. Sharp By Design Void - SOLD 2. We Knives 925 - $130
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    Kizer, MKM, PMP, BRS, Benchmade

    Everything listed come with original packaging. No trades at this time. Paypal preferred. Shipping to all 50 US states. Price includes shipping costs. Thanks! Kizer ZipSlip $105 shipped Maniago Knife Makers (MKM Raut) M390 steel, front flipper $150 shipped Benchmade Grizzley Ridge -...
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    Sergey Rogovets Model 17

    Sergey Rogovets (Extremaddiction) Model 17 Serial Number 1 Blade Length: 3.5 inches Handle Length: 5 inches Handle Thickness: 5.2 inches Weight: 6.45 ounces Steel: CPM 10V Timascus floating backspacer Stainless Steel ball bearings Stainless steel lock insert Hole in blade has a copper inlay...
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    Selling collection,microtech,dalton...

    Sent a message on the star wars set
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    What's with these Youtube knife review videos?

    I'm always amused that everyone thinks there is money in YouTube. If YouTube actually made anyone money, Patreon accounts would not be needed. As to the quality; Yes, all YouTubers suck, all forums suck, all new knives suck, all heat treats suck, my truck broke down, my dog died and my wife...
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    List Your Knife Related YouTube Channels

    I generate between $40 -50 dollars a month with ad revenue. Once upon a time I had some random spinner video get 5 million views, that generated $5k. So $1k per million views. Certain categories on YouTube have much higher payouts because of the companies that pay YouTube for ads. I think...
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    Koenig Arius Blade show scores

    Inlay version is the correct answer
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    A few I'm subscribed to: Knife Life Gear Geeks Live Mark of the Maker Knife Nuts The Knife Junkie Think Twice Cut Once
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    MUDD Auto knife

    I still have mine, still love it. The design is incredibly unique and serves a useful function. Fit and finish are excellent and I love supporting small family businesses like the Hawks. This would be a perfect knife to give to a buddy that beats the shit out of his tools, but because of...
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    Who is the Chris Reeve of flippers?

    Shirogorov and Koenig Arius get my vote(s).
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    Spyderco Spyderco Drunken Thoughts?

    Initially I was really excited about the Drunken, until the price was announced at $410 map. If ZT made this exact model, it would be $240-$280 price range. At this point I'm kind of meh. Probably will just hold out to see what the Paysan is all about.
  13. austonh

    James Knives or The James Brand

    I had the chance to chat with the James Brand knife guys at the BladeHQ grand opening... back whenever that was. Honestly, I came away from the experience liking them and the brand a lot more than I thought I would. Whereas I left other tables liking the employees and the brand far less than I...
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    Recommendation? Grimsmo Norseman Detent WAY Too Strong

    Too lazy to read through all the comments, but, if you haven't already, add some lubrication to the detent ball itself. Should help overcome the edge of the detent hole a little easier.
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    ZT, Maxace, VDK

    The knife is still available. You're welcome to shoot me an email if you're unable to DM/PM me: [email protected]
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    ZT, Maxace, VDK

    Couple up for sale. Prices include shipping and any paypal fees. No Trades. Shipping to US addresses only. First up is a ZT 0606CF. Carried a few times, but mint. Comes with box and COA as expected. SOLD Next is the Maxace Glede. Carried a few times, but looks brand new. M390 blade steel...
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    Nova Blades - Grim

    Custom knife made by Steve Dumchus of NJ. Knife was ordered by me and built to my specs in 2017 as I recall. Blade steel is armorcore and the handles are made of Titanium. Backspacer and pocket clip are also armourcore steel. Knife deploys via a flipper tab or thumb hole, and runs on bearings...
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    Your recent opinion on Nick Shabazz ?

    Regardless of what you think of Nick Shabazz, there are now 280 posts on a Bladeforums thread specifically about him. So love him, or hate him, you know about him and care enough to comment. That is: winning...