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  1. gazz98

    A few Spydercos —All sold

    PP sent for both knives
  2. gazz98

    A few Spydercos —All sold

    Oof. Been looking for an Endela but ... I'll take both the Endela and Stretch 2. I will send a PM for your PP info.
  3. gazz98

    Owning one pocket knife

    My wife is a one knife wife. The Purple SAK classic is the only knife she carries. She has had it for 2 or 3 years. It isn't on her keychain (too cumbersome) but it is always in her purse. She says she uses the scissors more then the knife. I tried to buy her a few other knives. Spyderco...
  4. gazz98

    What’s worse?

    I don't mind the Spyderco wire pocket clip so if it's a Ti wire clip, meh, I'd be ok. I'll vote Secure ex sheath.
  5. gazz98

    Finally chose my first Spyderco....almost.

    I'd vote for the budget FRN in XHP. 1. I'm cheap, ahem, frugal. 2. I have found CF scales to be slippery sometimes which I don't like. Not sure I have held a CF Chaparral before. 3. I'm not a big custom/fancy scale person. I have never ordered a secondary set of scales for a knife. See #1.
  6. gazz98

    I am new to knives and the whole community

    Welcome to the forums! A few things to think about/answer that might help us narrow down some suggestions. 1. Budget/price range. I personally rarely carry anything that is worth over $100. Members here carry knives from $15 to thousands for a custom. Whatever your budget will allow, we can...
  7. gazz98

    What knife is in your bugout pack?

    386 computer? You are dating yourself my friend! Unfortunately, I understood the reference and quite frankly, I had one too. I'm rocking the 10" Corona folding saw from Lowes in my backpack. Great saw for $22ish.
  8. gazz98

    Royal Air Force bugs and butter knife

    It could be a locker combination to a footlocker of gold? The extra digit is there to throw you off! I thought it might be some combination of : date manufactured (month, day, year in whatever order), where it was manufactured (again might be a 1, 2, or 3 numeral code), plus a serial number...
  9. gazz98

    Reasons Why I Shouldn’t Get A Svord Micro Peasant With Titanium Scales

    Don't do it. You can't baton with that. I watched a few yutube videos, you can only buy a knife that batons a respectable piece of wood with a diameter greater then 3".
  10. gazz98

    What knife is in your bugout pack?

    @Drop bear made some good suggestions. My suggestion is a medical kit of some kind.
  11. gazz98

    Pre ordered my most expensive knife to date

    Congrats on your new toy. Totally out of my price range so I have nothing to say about the company or knife.
  12. gazz98

    Benchmade out of the box sharpness

    Welcome to the forums Over the past few years, sharpness oob can be a crapshoot. Generally, I have been pleased with the sharpness of my knives. Every manufacturer has their hits and misses. I personally have not noticed one particular company being worse then the rest. Sorry to hear about...
  13. gazz98

    Barrel clip screws aka "Big wheel" screws

    I agree @K.O.D. 100% It is one thing when the screws sit above the pocket clip (like in the pic above) but in the case of the BM Bugout (see below) the clip is over the screws and you are going to tear up the inside of your pants with those proud screw heads if you push your pocket clip down...
  14. gazz98

    Best EDC (in your opinion) for under $50

    Another vote for an Ontario Rat 1 (or 2) in D2. Still a great bargain imo for around $40 or a tad under. The Ruike P801 is another great option at $30. As a welder/fabricator, do you think you'd get more use out of a multi-tool (MT). Leatherman has a few right at your price range or $10 more.
  15. gazz98

    Is the Cold Steel Luzon (medium) a bad knife?

    I also have handled one. Meh. The handle wasn't shaped well. Too many swells. The pocket clip is one of the worst designs in pocket clip history. There are probably replacements out there. As a big fan of the tri-ad lock, the locking liner lock felt kinda "cheap" for lack of a better word. Not...
  16. gazz98

    Recommendation? Sharpener

    1.What kind of blade steel are you sharpening? If you have a lot of 8Crxx, 440c, 420hc, etc. you probably don't need a diamond or a hard Si stone. If you have M4, Cruwear, Maxamet, etc or plan to get those in the future, you might need something to sharpen the tougher steels. 2. Do you want a...
  17. gazz98

    Frozen doo doo knives don't work

    Did they use a flat, convex, or hollow grind on the poo poo blades? PS - I think we found @Larrin s next project! PSS - This is a crappy topic. (Someone had to say it..)
  18. gazz98

    Knife maker coffee mug

    BladeHq has a Buck and 2 Tops mugs for sale. Currently out of stock atm. It does not list them as discontinued.
  19. gazz98

    Balisong First balisong ever, bought a lucha. Is it worth it to get flyti scales?

    I would put off buying the flyTi scales until you had some time with the bali. If this is your first bali, you might get tired of the "cool flipping factor". I tried a bali many years ago and lost interest quite quickly. Your experience might be totally different but I try to not put a lot of $$...
  20. gazz98

    Who EDC's a Svord Peasant

    I have also never owned a Svord knife. I was never a fan of the long knife tang (is that the right word?) that sticks out when the knife is closed. Friction folders just aren't my thing. Which means I have never owned a Higonokami either. Never owned a Opinel either. Those metal scales do look...