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  1. Boombats

    Thoughts on TwoSun knives

    My TS232 just arrived and I am really into it. There's some lock stick but it's getting better with use. The lockbar is too aggressive but again, hopefully as it gets use it will chill out a bit. Here's a good video of the knife by OCD-4-EDC. I love how it's got both oldschool and...
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    1955 Chevy Leaf Spring.

    If you drove that Chevy to the levee, the levee wouldn't be dry for long
  3. Boombats

    krypdyr - Danish for reptile

    How about some pictures?
  4. Boombats

    Panhandle Fighter

    That is absolutely perfect.
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    What are the basic dimensions?
  6. Boombats

    Heretic Knives Nephilim Fixed Blade Knife available...

    According to the site it's $490.
  7. Boombats

    Recommend a rugged wakizashi for a manly man

    I can't see the image
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    ''Pocket hunter'' - SOLD

    That is a great shape. Making any more?
  9. Boombats

    Kubey KB270A Tanto, D2 and G10, in mint condition

    davidf99 reminded me that I should have posted specs! Here's what the manufacturer says: Overall Length: 11.34" (288mm) Blade Length: 5.12" (130 mm) Blade Thickness: 0.2" (5 mm) Blade Material: D2 59-61 HRC Tanto Blade Mirrored Finish Flat Grind Handle Length: 6.22" (158.0 mm) Handle Material...
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    Kubey KB270A Tanto, D2 and G10, in mint condition

    $60 shipped to USA via Paypal D2 with a beautiful mirror polish that my crummy camera can't fully capture. Thicc G10 scales. Polymer sheath with excellent retention, especially for such a stout knife. Never sharpened, excellent factory edge. Never cut anything but a few strips of paper...
  11. Boombats

    ''New York City special'' inspired EDC - N690/stabilized maple handle

    Beautiful work, although if it was a New York City special the blade would have to be 4" or less :)
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    Everything in this thread is amazing.
  13. Boombats

    Functional Broken Spear Of Leonidas - Assassin's Creed

    I can see it now. Great work! Everything you do looks good and I am excitedly awaiting my first order from your company.
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    26C3 harpoon (SOLD)

    I'm not surprised that sold. It's gorgeous and the price was right!
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    Functional Broken Spear Of Leonidas - Assassin's Creed

    Weird... all I can see is
  16. Boombats

    Review Ben tendick and bravo 1 lt rampless

    Did you end up selling the BRT?
  17. Boombats

    Titanium Fighter

    Good grief! That slim handle is incredible.