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  1. Planterz

    Any love for small Opinels?

    Yeah, I hit the lottery on that one. Symmetrical on the other side, and chatoyance in the right light.
  2. Planterz

    Any love for small Opinels?

    I don't always use the lock, but sometimes I need it, so the N°06 is my choice. I'd go smaller if they locked. Old pic. The carbone one is nearly black now, and I've added an olive. R-L beech, oak, bubinga, bubinga.
  3. Planterz

    True North Knives

    Was this a package or a pizza?:rolleyes:
  4. Planterz

    Micarta Street Beat

    I wish I bought a spare before they were discontinued and the secondary market prices went crazy.
  5. Planterz

    California legal folding sword!

    We were born in the wrong century.
  6. Planterz

    Alternative to KERSHAW LEEK ?

    If you like the Leek, definitely get a carbon fiber one, or the new (well, it's an old design, but this is a re-issue) Random Leek. These have a flat grind rather than the hollow grind, making them a bit more robust. The knife that kicked my Frankenleek (GITD carbon fiber handles, Random Leek...
  7. Planterz

    Titanium Tanto - Prototype

    That is some kind of awesome!
  8. Planterz

    Uses For The Stockman

    I greatly dislike spey blades. Some are better than others, and those that are better are closer to pen blades. That's my opinion, anyway. I don't do much cattle castrating these days (or ever). Because of this my favorite stockmans are ones like the Case 6332 (old predecessor to 63032, with...
  9. Planterz

    Bad Blade HQ Shipping times

    Everybody is swamped and shorthanded these days too. There's also the less obvious factors of income tax refunds and stimulus checks. How many of us pulled the trigger on the knife or knives we've been eyeballing for months when suddenly there's an extra $1400 in our bank accounts? I can promise...
  10. Planterz

    Clip less carry in the office - pocket sheaths?

    I placed an order for a Beard and Owl Double Slip a week or so ago, made to carry a pen (larger than a Fisher Space Pen, but not huge) and medium sized pocket knife. Not entirely dissimilar to the Arcs and the Vanquist you just ordered; main difference being that one pocket is specifically meant...
  11. Planterz

    What is the opposite of a knife?

    A knife is meant to cut or puncture, therefor the opposite of a knife is a dull knife.
  12. Planterz

    Close my account please.

    Right. It's all Boru's fault you're an incessant troll.:rolleyes:
  13. Planterz

    Recommendation? Endela or Delica

    The Delica's blade is thinner than the Endela's. It's one of the thinner blades on the modern knives that you'll commonly see carried by people here. Way thinner than the Para 3 you've been carrying. It's better to think of the Endela as a smaller Endura than a larger Delica, because the Endela...
  14. Planterz

    I've Successfully Lightened a Nailbreaker Backspring

    Exactly. I forgot to add that I also dabbed a bit of Simichrome in there and worked the action a whole bunch of times (probably a few hundred) for good measure. For this knife I was more interested in smoothing out the action than making the pull weaker, but it had the effect of improving both...
  15. Planterz

    I've Successfully Lightened a Nailbreaker Backspring

    I did kinda the same with my 74 ebony (2019?). By very slightly rounding the corner where it initially tensions the spring upon opening I was able to slightly lessen and greatly smooth out the opening pull while retaining all the snap. I also ever-so-slightly (and I mean just the tiniest little...