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    Recommendation? Experience with CS’s Aus8a steel?

    I like Cold Steel's AUS-8a a lot. I have it in an old style medium Voyager that I have carried and used/semi-abused for years. It's still ticking', kind of like an old Timex I had as a kid that seems to have disappeared sometime during the drift of years... The AUS-8 Voyager is the one on the...
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    EDC XIII Which knife or knives are you carrying today?

    Today, at least for now, these two. I seem to really enjoy the lightness/bigness of the old style Voyager while also appreciating the Demko-ness of the big'n.
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    Other knife colors

    Yeah. This is the only non Model-T color I presently have. I was going to get a Recon 1 in OD green when they were available ... but then I waited too long and they weren't ...
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    What's your Cold Steel EDC today?

    These today...
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    Handle scale stopping before finger guard

    It seems to be fashion. I have one knife with a finger choil on the blade and I don't like it; it serves no useful purpose for my knife usage, and it has the practical disadvantage of reducing the length of the cutting edge and getting hung up on material I'm cutting. I much prefer your second...
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    Any Microtech EDC's?

    I carry EDC the one on the left sometimes.
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    Kiku Matsuda Collection

    "Let's negotiate in my office. I'm sure you'll be more comfortable there." I like it. Meanwhile, do you find the handles on some of those to be a bit short? In particular, I'm looking at the long blade on the left side of the top picture. (Also, I kinda like the looks of the stubby little SOG...
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    Tacticlol Knives II: The Return of Ridiculous

    Yes. Just look at it. It's like it's made of pure, evil genius. HellfFyre genius, that is.
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    Gerber ID.

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    Gerber ID.

    Looks like a Gerber Freeman guide, model number 31-003407N.
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    What's your largest folder?...

    Probably the XL clip point because it has a much broader blade than the other two.
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    What's your Cold Steel EDC today?

    Carried this one in the kitchen today.
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    What's your Cold Steel EDC today?

    Thanks. There's something about the big knives that just brings a smile to my face.
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    SOG Seal XR

    Say, that’s the review I had in mind. Rust has been a bugaboo of mine since I was a kiddo, so that always catches my attention. Still, I think it’s a great knife.
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    SOG Seal XR

    I don't own any SOG knives, but I like the Seal XR's design and materials, for the most part (as I recall from a review here on BladeForums, the liners (?) and/or backspace are not stainless). Were I in the market for another knife that says overkill+1 in a foldable package, it would be on the...
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    What's your Cold Steel EDC today?

    Variety fills my pockets today...
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    What features in a folding knife are important to you?

    It should have a pointy point, enough to poke into things. A slicey-enough edge. Enough belly. Long enough edge to make a useful slice. Decently ergonomic handle. Decent edge-holding ability. Not too heavy. Not too fragile. That’s about it.
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    EDC XIII Which knife or knives are you carrying today?

    Liquid brunch. :thumbsup:🍺