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  1. mikey488

    What knives do you own in the $150-300 range that you feel are worth every penny?

    Spyderco Smock, my favorite knife to carry and to use. Almost always what I want to have in my pocket.
  2. mikey488

    Massdrop "dropping" knives and EDC gear

    Connecting to the killer of local commerce means i will not even look at what they offer.
  3. mikey488

    Does this knife exist: fidget friendly, 3" blade, flipper, button or axis/xr lock and premium steel?

    +1 on the Spyderco Smock. My favorite edc. Light and thin, one hand always to open and drop close. S30V, and very smooth, fun to flip front flipper that does not catch on anything.
  4. mikey488

    Thoughts on authorized dealers raising GEC prices above the minimum sale price.

    Total agreement on "Just Don't Buy" That is your "vote" so to speak. All of us can do without a little bit. The complaining is actually a waste of energy I.M.O. happy collecting! ;)
  5. mikey488

    How to sharpen s30v on my BladeTech

    Thank you David for your explanation. It makes sense.
  6. mikey488

    How to sharpen s30v on my BladeTech

    Do you know why you can't polish the edge and have it retain the "sharpness"? Is something breaking down the edge while removing scratches? I am not disputing what you're saying, just wondering why a polished s30 edge does not stay sharp.
  7. mikey488

    The Best Knife Shop

    Just reading their terms and conditions, & shipping info will, or should take away any and all desire to do business with them. I do not believe they are US based. Package "tracking" is via ever, ever heard of that one? Anytime that I can't find a phone number and an address...
  8. mikey488

    “Trail Boss” CPM154—Sold

    Payment sent. Thank you for creating such a magnificent knife. :)
  9. mikey488

    “Trail Boss” CPM154—Sold

    I will take it Mr. Thompson.
  10. mikey488

    “Trail Boss” CPM154—Sold

    What an insanely gorgeous knife! I would like to have one like that with a 3.5-4" blade. Still thinking, and tempted, for sure on the fabulous big one. :)
  11. mikey488

    SOLD. Model 3 Framelock with S35VN and Titanium

    Beautiful knife Matt! :thumbsup:
  12. mikey488

    Damascus Texas Trapper (SOLD)

    Absolutely beautiful; A spectacular knife!
  13. mikey488

    Bad Bladehq smells!

    I personally would not think that being a week slow to ship should qualify for "bad" on this forum. Product was delivered, inquiry responded to, no bad intention or dishonesty here. Patience is a virtue not often practiced in our culture, but it is good to have it. My request to beattheheat...
  14. mikey488

    Counterfeit Fiddlebacks Hitting the Market

    Counterfeit :poop: knives make me sick. :( Thanks Fiddleback for hauling up the flag so we can be extra careful.
  15. mikey488

    Damascus drop point hunter

    Beautiful knife!
  16. mikey488

    Spyderco Smock w/ deep carry clip

    payment sent for Smock
  17. mikey488

    SOLD Model 3 Linerlock with Ghost G10 and a Fuller

    54 minutes too late.:( Beautiful knife Matt. :thumbsup: