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  1. CSG

    Please reccomend me a cheap pair of binoculars

    Sorry but $30 binoculars are a total waste of money. You need to consider spending $150-200 for something that won't disappoint.
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    Pocket organizers and pocket organizer setups

    While I have lots of gear in my Lexus Land Cruiser, on my person, I carry a little SAK Executive (the real one, not the mini fake), chapstick, and Benchmade Bugout. The keys have a little Nightcore flashlight and a freebie Olight as well as a small pill fob that carries a couple Alieve and a...
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    I was undecided.

    Owning both, I would say it depends on your actual needs. The Farmer has a nice thick blade but Alox gets banged up and loses both the toothpick and tweezers as tools which I find essential for a daily carried knife. I would keep what you have already. Where do you live?
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    Home EDC

    Considering I have real tools at home, the only thing in my pocket is (and for the last year or so) is the Executive and before that, the Ambassador and before that, the Classic. I still don't use the orange peeler but the file on the Executive is about perfect compared to the files on the...
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    Which Victorinox?

    Sorry for the late reply. In a belt pouch like in my photo, it would be OK for EDC but not if it rides in a pants pocket (for me anyway). I EDC a 74mm Executive and a Benchmade 535BK Bugout. The Champ Plus is carried in my glovebox so I wasn't very clear on what I said earlier. I grab it for...
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    Do you keep SAK spares?

    Yes, I keep a couple to four spares of models I use and like. My current carry has been the Executive for which I had one spare. When I read they were dropping the model, I bought a second.
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    Which Victorinox?

    I have the Champ Plus and carry it a Leatheman cordura belt pouch. Great knife/toolset.
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    KNIPEX - Cobra XS Water Pump Pliers

    I have the 5" Knipex I keep in my glovebox. I also have a Leatherman Wave in there as well as an SAK Champ Plus in a spare Leatherman pouch with a firesteel, flashlight, sparker, and some tinder. Damn Boy Scouts...
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    Victorinox 74mm line discontinued

    I found a deal on a black Executive and bought it to have a second spare. At my age, I'm probably OK with spares now.
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    Victorinox 74mm line discontinued

    Well, that's a damn shame. It has become my daily carry replacing the Ambassador. I have one spare Executive I bought earlier this year and a few spare Ambassadors so I hope they'll last me.
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    58mm SAK Scissors

    They worked fine for me for decades until I moved to the Ambassador and then the Executive.
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    Once you go SAK, do you ever go back?

    I've been carrying a small Victorinox of one type or another for almost 50 years. I've never had a scale break either then or now. I've bent a couple tips and they never had a great rep for holding an edge but are easy to bring back quickly. I carry an Executive these days, an Ambassador...
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    Once you go SAK, do you ever go back?

    One's little and the other's big and because I can.
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    Backpack advice requested

    Me too, my friend. That's why I camp out of my van for longer trips and my Land Cruiser for overnighters. Take a look at this category of bags we're discussing and see if they might be an alternative. For vehicle and tent based camping and even air travel, they might be just the ticket.
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    Backpack advice requested

    I am no longer a backpacker (and haven't been since my early 30's), I'm a traveler but don't like conventional luggage. I mostly travel in my camping van (or Land Cruiser) and this along with a small daypack meets my needs far better. If I were to fly somewhere, these would be the perfect way...
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    Backpack advice requested

    You might consider something other than a top-loader, traditional backpack then. Osprey is one of many companies that makes good split-duty designs. I gave up on top loaders many years back. Not recommending this specific bag but rather the design approach. Not good for multiday backpacking...
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    Minichamp (alox) as keychain EDC questions

    I looked into that knife and rejected it for some of the reasons you bring up. I don't get knives on keychains in any event. I want a knife carried in a pocket that I can use without detaching it from something else first. I carry the Executive loose in my pocket and while I am enamored with...
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    Backpack advice requested

    Is this for actual backpacking on trails or a euphemism for a travel bag of some sort? There are tons of good trail bags listed in this thread but for more general travel/bugout/get home, a carry-on with straps may be more useful. As I do nothing more than day hikes anymore (with one of a...
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    EDC - What's In Your Pocket(s)??? Part 2

    Ah, understood, thanks.
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    EDC - What's In Your Pocket(s)??? Part 2

    That's a helluva lanyard attached to that knife. Is it a survival thing or??