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    WTT Para 2 and Buck 112 w/custom sheath

    email sent on buck.
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    New only thing its ever cut was a tomato. I have both sets of scales. No problem with the scales fitting. Looking to trade for a fixed blade with a little longer blade and handle.Would love a Buck Skinner. Thanks
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    How rare

    Wow 73 views and no replys.
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    New no box. But I have the black and orange scales for it. Open to trades. I like traditional slippies. Would also consider Moras and opinals of equal value.
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    How rare

    are the 1207s. Found this one at a yard sell last year. It looked like someone had beat it thru concrete blocks. Cleaned it up and sharpened it. It takes a wicked edge. I want to use it but I want to make sure that its not rare.
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    Up again BK2

    Looking for a Kabar USMC fighting knife. 5 or 7 in blade. No serrations please. Will consider bushcraft knives also. Would reall like a nessmuck style knife.
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    Bought this and its just not my thing. I would like to trade for a USMC Kabar prefer the 7 inch but will consider the five. Or a similar made knife. The bk2 has never been sharpened but has a scuff from where I had it out in the woods one time. I would trade both knives for a Buck Csar folder. I...
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    Post your Becker knives pics here

    Heres mine with more to come.
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    New Becker owner.

    Thanks for the replys. Took the 2 out in the yard today and worked on someapple wood. Its awesome. The eskabar will be my edc as soon as my handles get here, should be tommorow.
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    Patina recipy help for BK5

    Strip and use it. It will take on a nice grey patina. I find that I eat alot more apples when I have a new knife with carbon steel.
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    New Becker owner.

    Ordered these two from Tomars. I would like to give a big thumbs up to Tomars. I ordered these on the 16th and they were here on the 19th. A BK2 and an Eskabar. I have scales coming for the Eskabar. Wish I would have ordered the sheath clip to,Ill pick it up on my next order. Love the way the...
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    Nothing to see here. Move along.

    Deal spotting. Ken C. Super Mod.
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    What is your most used traditional knife?

    Case large stockman in cv with amber bone since I bought it back in Jan or Feb. Love this knife.
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    What "Traditional Knife" are ya totin' today?

    Still totin the Case Large Stockman amber Bone in Cv, Its been in my pocket alot since I bought it. And boy does it take a wicked edge.
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    What MANLY thing did your (traditional) knife do today?

    Used my case large stockman to open a pack of light bulbs, had to change a taillight,and then whittled a flower for my wife.
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    What "Traditional Knife" are ya totin' today?

    Parker Don't really know the pattern. and my ever present Case large stockman. It takes a wicked edge to.