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    Knife NOT as important as it's "carry" system.....

    ill have to agree with the OP, if the sheath or carrying system royally sucks, it has scared me away from purchases altogether, though sometimes i can't help but want the knife, even though i know the company configured it for scout carry " #$&@! " i prefer my knives sheathed diagonally by my...
  2. J

    Axis Lock vertical play?

    ive noticed a few of my benchmade knives were developing vertical blade play, and the plot twist was i would take them out here and there to exercise the mechanics so as to not be stiffened or erred with time and found such play. no tinkering with the pivot screw or others corrected it. so i...
  3. J

    Disillusioned with bigger name “Reviewers”

    sometimes reviewers push me over the edge into purchase land, but otherwise, i stay away. some of these reviewers are sent knives from the makers in exchange for their "honest" review, as with everything, you should consider the source and check out reviews and field use reviews from all over...
  4. J

    What are your thoughts about the US-made Gerber DoubleDown folding machete/knife?

    Alright friend, buy it, put it to use, and report back, and by use i mean U-S-E, it is a machete after all, am i correct? so treat it as such --- All the best
  5. J

    Need flipper Knife with Stag scales

    i ran a search, its not normally a combination of materials that make up a flipper knife, best bet is to find some stag scales and someone with the know how to custom build it for you, but i reckon it won't be a free lunch
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    I guess I got carried away this month.

    while id never spend, 400+ dollars on a knife, especially a folder, i can sympathize with you. I'm re-discovering knives ive forgotten ive had, now that says something..
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    which one is tougher?

    id go with PM2, in my experience, spyderco has tighter tolerances, and an overall better product. I've experienced too much blade play with benchmade product and --- not to go off topic, but they are aware of their small blade play and said its typical and accepted within the tolerances and...
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    Zero tolerance knives

    i wish ZT would R&D new fixed blades, i liked the ones that they have made in the past, but they're "eternally out of stock" at BHQ, maybe something about 3-3.5 inches in length, in 154CM steel for resistance in outdoor environments and ease of sharpening, 3 flathead screws for easy maintenance...
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    Best 2.5 inch knife?

    try some of the new offerings from MKM, they have them featured pm BHQ in the new arrivals section, they are fixed blades but rather small, and around your requested length, no moving parts is a good thing yea?
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    What are your thoughts about the US-made Gerber DoubleDown folding machete/knife?

    Gerber.. well --- i believe the term used by many is "tacticool" or in some circles "tactic-lol" however i believe it can be used in some gardening applications cause why not? but the nature of the machete is to hack and chop, and as such, those actions can send shock and vibration to what keeps...
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    It’s 2021 and Hinderer is still discriminating

    as a leftie (write with, cut with, forks with ---(imagine the rage when the same hand that cuts the meat also forks the piece) i simply had to deal, Emerson knives are a pain for me to use, but strangely enough, as left of a leftie i am, i am not bothered by buying a left or right exclusive...
  12. J

    Spyderco Yojimbo 2 vs. Cold Steel Tuff Lite

    buy both, handle them, then return the one that doesn't make the cut (lol)
  13. J

    Quality fixed blade under $80?

    does it HAVE to be 80? if not, check out ESEE, otherwise, look at Condor
  14. J

    I hate being OCD about my knife edge.

    lets look at it in this light - hair-shaving sharpness of a knife's edge doesn't last long, but takes some time to get there does it not? i would say try to break the OCD, i use to have an OCD for keeping my knives as new looking as possible, i would cut a string or paracord then spend 20...
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    What is the hardest steel to sharpen?

    late to the party, feel free to correct me, but i will have to say S90V, its an aggressive cutter, but once its dull...
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    Any Winkler fans?

    i absolutely love their useful knife shapes, very practical, however its in the wrong steel for me, bummer, lovely knives though, but that price though...:eek: