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    Required For Survival ...

    I'll grind a supply of coffee. Not hard to brew. I'll forgo the cream when I'm out.
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    Favorite hunting knife?

    Nice looks a lot like the modern buck. More made for skinning. Like it
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    Post Up Your NEW Gear ...

    Chanel lock looks handy. Would be nice if it had a cutter. Wouldn't be to hard to add to the design. That could live in a sheat on my belt. The skeleton handles look good and probably easier to clean
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    Post Up Your NEW Gear ...

    Looks interesting. What do they look like open.
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    the new shikra is out... opinions?

    Guess the Titanium makes it rigid without liners. Nice but I'll stay w my rat
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    Overnight at Mosquito Lakes, Sequoia NP

    Awsome! Did you take some Camp pics? Help us home stuck people out lol!
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    Fun trip: what do you choose?

    Cool. Had a 50cal mountain rifle I think it was called years ago. Not flint but cap. My second choice would be my 410/22. Still lots of choice for ammo and game. 22 short, 22lr, 410 buck, bird, slug.
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    Overnight at Mosquito Lakes, Sequoia NP

    Nice area. Any wildlife other than skeeter? Great pics
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    My quarantine kuksa

    That's a lovely spoon!
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    Fun trip: what do you choose?

    Not sure if the quote worked but trying to reply to flint lock. Why not just use slugs for the shotgun? Pretty close to 50 cal. Some birdshot for small game and graduate to slugs depending on game. I like old rifles but there are better choices
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    Post Up Your NEW Gear ...

    You know there's garlic lol. Nice lights. Wish it would be practical here. But a flash light on my 12g is ok here
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    Fun trip: what do you choose?

    Awsome! My bucket list is horse camping in the Purcell Wilderness Conservancy Provincial Park. Have to look into the hunting regs. Just started riding my horse. After ground work, gathering gear, learning. My choice for rifle will be my CZ 12g over 308win. 12g for small game.
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    Micarta Scales for Rat 1

    Very nice. I understand making it yours. But how is micarta better than what's on originaly? Nice work! Fondling my model 1 D2 in tan.
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    Rat 1 Foliage green = O.D. green?

    Just picked up a tan one in D2. Nice color. Had an od for a while and gave it to my daughter. Missed the rat and had to get another. Thought I would use a leatherman and did for a while but missed the easy opening and fit in my hand. Have to move the clip to make it easier to pull and flick open
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    Are cats "city Rabbits" ?

    I think predators or carnivores carry a lot of parasites. Just cook it well done to be safe
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    bleach solution as disinfectant.

    Good post. Wife likes to cook (lucky me) kitchen counters and sink gets bleached every day probably a couple of times. Ill pass this on to her and a couple friends. Edit Dang she's already doing it w bleach and soapy water
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    Alone - The Beast coming soon

    Going to watch an episode tonight. Last episode was still in Canada. Hoping some different area for the next episode
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    Bushcraft Blades: Do they really matter?

    There probably is a blade that can fillet a fish, gut and quarter an animal, make a hot dog stick. Thinking a fillet knife will. But not much good for batoning. Good for feather sticks tho
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    What's your woods bumming gun

    22s are pretty versatile. But around here we have bears wolves and cougars. 22 would be not enough. I did get a 410 over 22 as a tree stand and hiking gun. 410 slug has some punch and the 22 for small game