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    Koster Knives Bushcraft Knife - list now open

    Sweet! My name is coming up! Looking very forward to this one!! I will try and arrange advanced payment as I dont want to miss this.
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    **XM-18 LOTTERY** The winners are #217 russamurai & #92 IZULA

    Im in!! Sweet opportunity at a good score!!
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    Reasons to get a plain jane over an inlay other than price...

    I didnt get damascus, I got S35VN. I honestly prefer the look of a satin blade. And the wait time on damascus is more than I want to wait, and more than I want to spend on a Mnandi.
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    Reasons to get a plain jane over an inlay other than price...

    Id love to tell you guys I've made up my mind... but I I cant really do that until I actually make the purchase... :p Still leaning towards the Cocobolo or Micarta inlay... but we shall see where the coming weeks take me. I have an SMF and a 3" XM18 to pay off before i buy the Sebenza...
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    Busse, Swamprat, Mad Dog, and Gransfors Bruks

    Ill take the Busse SNFO, as outlined in your email. Cheers!
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    Pic Request: Size Comparison in the hand

    Hey guys, I am looking for a size comparison in the hand between the XM's. If anyone has the 4" and 3.5" (even the 3"??) and would mind taking a few pics in the hand so I can see the size difference more clearly, I would really appreciate it! I am looking specifically for palm side shot in a...
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    Tell me why you love your XM-18?

    I liked my first one (3.5" flipper slicer) so much that a week later I went a bought a 3" non-flipper slicer for a smaller EDC. My goal on the 3.5" is to get everything anodized blue that can be, with a textured blue ano titanium scale. They are beautiful knives, and are a dream to...
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    Reasons to get a plain jane over an inlay other than price...

    Haha... I just put in an order for a Box Elder Mnandi!
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    Sebenza flipper?

    What is that top one Seven1Niner?
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    Which Umnumzaan & Hinderer?????

    I wanna play too :p Cheers! :cool::thumbup:
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    Removing Striders Tiger Stripe Coating?

    I contacted strider about sending it in... we shall see what they say.
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    Getting Lucky at the CA Custom Show

    I like the logo! Its there, but its subtle.. :thumbup: Geez, seeing them next to each other, that 4" looks like a beast!
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    Mirror Polish, How to ?

    On the flats or the edge bevel? Either way, its a systematic progression through various grits of abrasives. The trick is to ultimately get all the scratches off from the previous step before moving onto the next one. And if there are scratches you cant remove at the higher grits, it means...
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    Polishing screws and pivot pin

    What do you do for the standoffs? I like the look you've achieved :thumbup:
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    Removing Striders Tiger Stripe Coating?

    I meant the blade coating. I like the flamed look on the lock side. I just prefer satin finished or stonewashed blades. I am generally not a fan of coatings but I couldnt find this knife in anything other than digicamo or tiger stripe. I will see how it looks when it gets here... maybe I...
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    Hinderer Custom scores

    A full tang hinderer??!!?? I cant imagine a tougher knife!
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    Sharpening a Hinderer (revisited, briefly)

    look forward to the results... pics!
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    Removing Striders Tiger Stripe Coating?

    I have an aluminum SMF on the way, and I want to remove the coating so I can apply a hand rubbed satin finish to it. I have looked and googled, but cant find anything telling me just what the coating is. Could I use a solvent or do I just have to sand it? Has anyone done anything like...
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    Wicked edge or free hand sharpening?

    :thumbup::thumbup: For reprofiling and aggressive metal removal, the Atoma diamond plates are amazing! that would be a good first stone (in the progression, not to buy first) if you have a seriously messed up edge, or you want a complete reprofiling.
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    Polishing screws and pivot pin

    When you say drill and scotch brite, what do you mean? what are you using the drill for? Are you using a scotchbrite dremel bit in the drill or something? When I picture scotchbrite i think of those pads.