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    Multi-tool for first responder?

    We carry Rebars at my F.D. of course never far away from real tools. Supertool 300 if you don't mind the weight.
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    How to prevent losing a pocket knife

    Not a wildfire fighter but when I worked in forestry, I would put the knife right in the pocket and stuff a hankercheif down on top. Never came out bashing through the bush.
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    It's Old Timer time, fellas: Show your U.S.-made OTs

    A friend has the clip point version of this knife he uses for cutting moose. While the chunky handle doesn't look as sleek as many of our more modern fixed blades, it grips and fills the hand well keeping fatigue at bay. Paired with appropriately thick blade stock these knives are made to work!
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    Traditional and Modern pairings

    The hardworkingest of pairs.
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    It’s All Come Down To This

    I have been paring down the collection for a while. A few years ago I sold off everything worth selling. I am going through another purge here where I am selling off everything I do not currently use or know I will not use. I keep a few users around, a couple favourites and the rest are...
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    Modified Production Knives (traditional only)

    I am seeing now they are made in USA. Makes me want one even more.
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    Modified Production Knives (traditional only)

    I have one of those paring knives too. I think I found it at the dump. It gets a huge amount of use due to how thinly it is ground. Not sure where to even buy them but really love the geometry.
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    Need advice on lightweight EDC

    I would suggest an Otter Messer Mercator. Comes in brass, copper and steel. Stainless or carbon. Two different sizes. About as thin as you can go on a knife but still has the ability to work hard.
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    Worst knife deals you ever saw?

    Mine was a Strider SNG. Owned couple different ones. Around $450 at the time here in Canada. One of the. The lock bar stuck so badly the knife was almost unusable. I formed blisters on my thumb trying to break it in as enthusiasts would chirp. Graphite or permanent marker would help but finally...
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    Let's see your good old basic fixed blades, Bowie's, Stickers, etc.

    Give it a go! Smaller knives are preferred for this method as there is much less hardened steel to remove. This was once a chainsaw raker file. Go slow. I like to grind bare hands so I can feel the heat in the steel. If it is too hot for me to touch i had better take it for a dip. Dip often. If...
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    Let's see your good old basic fixed blades, Bowie's, Stickers, etc.

    These Swiss files are actually pretty hard. So I ground this one hard. But I have annealed, ground and re heat treated as well. It can be tough to keep such a small, thin blade cool but is worth going slow as you don't have to re harden after.
  12. J

    Let's see your good old basic fixed blades, Bowie's, Stickers, etc.

    Had to get on the grinder this morning. I forget who posted it but there was a small knife made from a file and a couple of other posts showing beautiful bird and trout size knives. Ground this one out of an old Oregon Swiss Made file. 6" OAL. 2.75"blade.
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    Photos Patina thread

    I I mean it has literally been my EDC for three years now. Working in carhartts, in the dirt, in the steel filings, in the sweat. Sometimes with keys or coins or bits, my pocket is fairly abrasive. My job and lifestyle requires a lot of motion so it is always being rubbed around in there.
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    Photos Patina thread

    Been a few years on this Case Muskrat I modified. As new A thousand days later.
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    Budget Yard and garden knives

    I am going to suggest a 10 or 12" machete. Digging and hacking at roots will be a job well filled by this tool. If you cannot find one so short, buy a long one and cut it down. If you must have a folder, I would suggest maybe one of Rough Ryders Hawkbill folders. Inexpensive, more than adequate...
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    Historical Tomahawk Use and Sharpness

    I am constantly having to remind myself that those of us stomping around on Bladeforums are not the average user. We are enthusiasts who enjoy squeezing the performance out of our cutting tools. I am just fine driving around a Honda Civic or similar car. It does what I need it to do...
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    Historical Tomahawk Use and Sharpness

    Thanks for the input fellas. I didn't think of a shoulder harness. This would allow easy access and adjustment over and under layers. The sharpness of a hardware store hatchet is my guess. Sharp enough to maybe do a little kindling, pelvis or skull splitting but dull enough to not easily cut...
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    Historical Tomahawk Use and Sharpness

    As I read historical accounts, expedition journals,historical fiction and non-fiction, I come across examples of tomahawk use. Sometimes in skirmishes and sometimes in camp, it seems widely carried and traded. I was reading a book on tomahawk fighting techniques the other day and near the...
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    Courier Des Bois / Voyageur Style Knife For Actual Use

    It sounds like you aren't afraid if doing a little modifying. The Old Hickory 8" slicers are about 20 dollars at my local general store. This one has been cut down to 5" but could just as easily be cut down further if that is your preference. Excuse the other blades as this photo was taken for...