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    M390 PM2 blue G10 drops today

    I do go to plenty of other sites. I still come here cause there are interesting people here even if the mods have rules even dumber than they are.
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    M390 PM2 blue G10 drops today

    I like the blue G10. Kinda annoys me that this dealer seems to have the exclusive rights to the blue. Even with the highish price, it's not unforgivable. The Maxamet PM2 was $201, the S110V is $173, so the $189 isn't totally out of the ball park and I can live with that. BUT, whereas a lot of...
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    M390 PM2 blue G10 drops today

    And anyone who thinks that's reason enough to forbid mentioning other dealers, especially ones who offer stuff those paid dealers don't, is a moron. Funny how tons of other sites don't have stupid restrictions like those and somehow manage to keep themselves running just fine, too.
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    M390 PM2 blue G10 drops today

    I posted this same message yesterday, with the actual dealer name instead of the hints. The post was deleted and I was warned to not mention non-paid Bladeforums dealers.
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    Maybe a teaser for a new Voyager blade shape?

    He's not being judgemental, he was specifically responding to what the CS rep said to him. The rep himself pretty much said that the knife is only good for self defense and you should never need to sharpen it cause you will never have any use for it unless you stab someone in which case it will...
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    M390 PM2 blue G10 drops today

    I can't mention where cause the people who run these forums don't truly care about the community, they only care about that paid dealer money. But if you want one of these exclusive PM2s, in M390 and blue G10, they drop at noon eastern time. It is a bit pricey and shipping is ridiculous(which is...
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    Red M390 PM2 dropping 7/17

    Congrats to those who got them. I woulda liked one, but even without server issues I couldn't work it out financially this week so had to pass.
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    Spyderco Chaparral Lightweight (found at KSF)

    I was hoping to get a teal Dragonfly when I got paid on Friday, but since they are all gone I may pick up one of these if they're still available
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    New teal Dragonfly s30v

    Sadly I don't get paid till Friday so I missed this one. Real shame, I wanted one of these.
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    Exclusive Code 4's

    I got kinda excited when I saw exclusive, thinking maybe it'd be something colorful, distinctive...nope, it's just the same Code 4, but now available in the same boring generic black as almost every other Cold Steel knife. Didn't even texture it. Curbed my enthusiasm real quick.
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    New teal Dragonfly s30v

    Oh I want one of those...
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    Knife Center Exclusive Cru-Wear.

    Mine came in today after shipping on Monday. Nice knife, super sharp. Smooth G10 is nice, though I wouldn't like it as much on a knife that didn't fit the hand so well and already had a ton of jimping.
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    Endela colored variants/sprints?

    Nothing announced yet afaik.
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    Knife Center Exclusive Cru-Wear.

    I ordered one. Woulda preferred something other than black but I like the Manix and I wanna try the Cru-Wear.
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    That's what I'm waiting on. I'll get one, but I'm waiting for some color over the basic black.
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    Cold Steel the Master of Blade design

    For me it's exactly the other way around. CS blades are fun to collect, but they are totally novelty knives, I'd never even think about carrying the vast majority of them, whereas nearly any Spydie I would gladly carry. Small and light is what I want in a carry knife.
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    Sure. Although tbh, if Spyderco was only making knives where the differences weren't so minor as to be almost entirely meaningless to most non-knife people, they could probably limit themselves to about 7 basic folder designs(and a few obviously "exotic" designs like the Yojimbo, a hawkbill...
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    Let's see...the Endela has a less wide blade and takes up less pocket space than the Manix and Tenacious, a lighter weight than any of them but the Manix Lightweight, better steel than the Tenacious, and a lot cheaper than the PM2, so...I can see a reason for it.
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    New BentoBoxShop M390 Delica

    Weird, I got mine today too, and it is much darker than that...
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    Cold steel traditional-ish-esque

    Do people who collect and love balisongs specifically like it and buy it? No! Cause it has basically nothing in common with them. Same as what you were asking for would have in common with the traditionals you were talking about liking so much. It'd make more sense to just say you want a really...