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    What's going on in your shop? Show us whats going on, and talk a bit about your work!

    Oh, thank you very much. It's been a while since I posted so I couldn't remember how to get it to work. That is c-tec scales, micarta bolster with a copper Corby bolt. 2 black micarta pins as well in the scales. .070 AEB-L 62 rockwell ground close to zero with a mild convex. It weeel slice...
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    Will plow trip springs harden?

    Cut a coupon and attempt to harden it. Check it with a file. Do a spark test. Snap it off in a vice and check the grain.
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    'Relatively' inexpensive TIG welder suggestions?

    And just to piggyback on that you can scratch start off of a small copper plate if you are worried about dragging an arc strike around.
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    Cracked wa handle

    Make it easy on yourself and glue another type of wood on the back as a buttcap.
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    Recommendation? Welding metal to the tang

    Would it be a giant problem to weld a non stainless tang extension on to a stainless blade?
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    Making the Spine look even and clean...Help.

    You'll get better at not gouging the eff out of the spine at the scale transition. Boy, it is easy to do. I still do it from time to time. Best bet then is you just have to transition it out gently out.
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    Chile Habanero forge thoughts?

    That's a great move with the graham forge being ready to use out of the box WITH the blower! Dang if I had a forging area I would jump on that.
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    Advice on working with horn scales?

    Your posts are always informative thanks.
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    Butchering knives vs chef's knives?

    1/8 thick is plenty. You could do all of that with a thinner thickness as well. You are just cutting through joints and flesh.
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    San Mai Nakiri Bevel....Thoughts?

    Yes .90 and below san mai would be awesome!
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    Locktite 324 vs 326

    No waiting a day for scales to finish curing like with g flex. It's nice for me as a weekend guy where I don't have to kill a day waiting.
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    Locktite 324 vs 326

    I have been loving the locktite speedbonder. I am also a fan of the gflex but with the speedbonder you have zero downtime with the downside you better be able to get your pins and scales and whatever exactly where you want them in a hot minute. Anyone know the difference between the...
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    Grinding Post HT and kool mist system

    small and cheap fishtank aquarium pump should work
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    Steel Thickness

    Like a futon. An uncomfortable couch by day and an even more uncomfortable bed at night!