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  1. homeka45

    7.5 Earthquake Nepal

    Best wishes for those affected by this.
  2. homeka45


    Will take it, need your PP address. ETA: PP+4% sent.
  3. homeka45

    New Shop Manager Tika Thapa

    I hope your new career is successful for both you and HI.
  4. homeka45

    Dashain Festival Specail Sales for 9/20

    Glad to be of assistance, I have another at 18"/18oz. so they can keep each other company. Your daughter's happiness is no doubt assured.
  5. homeka45

    Dashain Festival Specail Sales for 9/20

    EMS on that Kobra.
  6. homeka45

    Shop Update

    Best wishes on the move and becoming established in your new location. May Fortune smile upon the new premises and the people working there.
  7. homeka45

    Los for Sale - Mission, Benchmade, CS, Wolf Dreek Forge, Mora, etc

    Will take the brusletto kniven if still available. Will need your PP addy. ETA: PP sent.
  8. homeka45

    Tear Drop Skinner in L6

    Thanks Kelley, PP sent. Also mahalo to Hideo for the chance to buy it.
  9. homeka45

    Tear Drop Skinner in L6

    Will take this if still available. Also sending email.
  10. homeka45

    FS : BK14 and Esee Izula

    I'll take the two if you'll ship to Hawaii, costs are the same as to CONUS. Will need your PP address.
  11. homeka45

    shipping myths

    I've bought several blades from Yangdu, Karda and the individual sales forum. Takes anywhere from one to two weeks via Priority Mail to Hilo. That's been my experience so far. Once it's mailed it's out of their control.
  12. homeka45

    Assorted YRG Yoga for Real Guys DVDs Diamond Dallas Page

    I'll take them. Email sent. Need your PP address.
  13. homeka45

    Weigand Combat scope mount and rings for Ruger 10/22

    If these are still available I'll take 'em. Will need your PP address. ETA: PP sent.
  14. homeka45

    Four blems for 4/27

    Emai sent on the UBE. Hope it's still available.
  15. homeka45

    Finally had to rehandle my AK, this time in black linen micarta

    Turned out very nice, thanks for all the pictures.