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    THE CRK Birthday Wish List

    Looking for a 5/14/20 to match my son's birthday.
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    Red M390 PM2 dropping 7/17

    I got my order in yesterday and received tracking showing delivery on Friday. That is fast service. I was a bit frustrated with the delay yesterday, but everything worked out and I'm a happy customer of DLT.
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    FSOT: PM2 M390/Red G10

    Backup, I'll take it
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    Deep Carry Pocket Clip

    Lynch northwest makes some awesome clips
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    New Military Sprint!! CPM Rex 45

    I got one from New graham today and it's already in the mail.
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    Orange CTS XHP Para 3

    Still haven’t received shipping info on mine
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    Recommendation? Spydie Rex 45 PM2

    Found a Rex45 and am loving this knife. Glad I kept looking for one.
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    Sprint Run for V-Toku2 ETA?

    Anyone know where I can grab a delica? I love the Hap40 and would love to try this.
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    Recommendation? Spydie Rex 45 PM2

    If you decide not to keep it, please give me first chance at buying. I really want to this blade.
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    Recommendation? Spydie Rex 45 PM2

    I’ll take it if you want to sell it? Did the store have anymore in stock?
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    Paramilitary 2 SALT? Please w/ picture

    i'd buy one :)
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    Rex Sold

    Sounds good, paypal ready if he doesn't take it.
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    Rex Sold

    I'll take it