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    Blems and bargain for 5/15

    That Foxy Folly is INCREDIBLE! Especially with that amazing curved handle! Please, please have Ram Kumar make more! And hopefully some lighter ones, the one today in design was Flawless but 24-26 oz would be PERFECTION!
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    SP50 Discountinued?

    Hello I was just wondering if anyone knew if the Ontario SP50 Spear Point has been discontinued? Thanks.
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    Weekend blems and bargain for 6/23

    I envy you very much sir.
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    Sirupate arrived today (pictures to come)

    The two best blade protectant against corrosion I have found are Froglube and Eezox. Froglube if you need something food safe otherwise Eezox is best. Hooflex is best for horn handles. Your Sirupate is very beautiful, lightest blade by the inch HI makes, very cool.
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    Weekend blems and bargain for 6/23

    If this is your first H.I. Khukuri I would recommend a BAS as an excellent starter Khuk. The two are gone from this threads posting but their might be more availble. These might still be available as they are not marked as sold yet from past postings: 15 inch BAS by lachhu. Small chip on horn...
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    Weekend blems and bargain for 6/23

    As Bawanna said they may or might not be. If it is marked as sold then it is gone, if it is not marked as sold their may be a chance it might still be available. Got myself a cool 16 inch Fox Folly by looking through an older DoD postings and e-mailing Yangdu if it was still available.
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    Questions for the community

    Those are some awesome Thamar Dui and Tin Chirra. If you would be so kind as to give as to give some stats(length/weight) on yours that would be double awesome. I myself have two Thamar Dui Chirra that I love, just wish I was able to get my hands on a Thamar Tin Chirra.
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    Weekend blems and bargain for 6/23

    EMS sent for 15 inch 20 ounce 20 inch BAS by Ram Kumar. Few hairline crack on horn handle. $75. Done Deal. I believe Thamar has moved on from H.I. and I believe they made a great choice in picking Ram Kumar to take over the Dui Chirra's, he does beautiful work.
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    BDC Fire

    That's awesome. The BDC looks like a cross between an M43 and a Dui Chirra to me. What's the length and weight on it if you don't mind me asking?
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    A little CAK Handle Rebuild.

    AMAZING BAWANNA! BEAUTIFUL! You sir are a craftsman. With the legendary CAK blade of HI's always awesome quality along with your awesome re-handle this is truly a one of a kind piece of Khukuri art. This is so good I think it should be a special item for an auction or raffle to help support...
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    Weekend blems and wooden flute for 6/16

    Nice man! Thought about buying it too since it was so light but I already have two Dui Chirra by Thamar and the only way I could justify getting another would be to get rid of one of the ones I already have and that's not happening so congrats. Ram Kumar is great, he made my Fox Folly and it is...
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    Basic Account Upgrade Help, Double Payment Mistake.

    Thanks. 1st Transaction: 4HT511199R7218055 2nd Transaction: 2XA24917EH6326632
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    Send prayers for Bookie and Granddaughter

    Prayers sent from Socal.
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    Monday Evening with Hmong Knife and Purna Chainpuri

    We all don't have as deep pockets as you George. :p Already bought over half a dozen HI blades in the last few months myself. I am completely tapped out you know...unless a lightweight M43 pops up...or another 18" Fox Folly....or a Thamar Tin Chirra....yeah....saving my non-existent pennies for...
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    Basic Account Upgrade Help, Double Payment Mistake.

    So last week just before the weekend I opted to upgrade to a Basic Account. Sent the payment via paypal. Went back to my account and noticed nothing had changed so I thought my payment did not go through, so I tried again sending a payment via paypal for Basic Account upgrade, still nothing...
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    Help get Yangdu and the Kami community discovered

    I think any exposure Himalayan Imports and their kami's can get would be great. I am up for anything that lifts the kami in status, financially and in respectability. I do not believe they should be content in their low level in society and living in object poverty. Some people fear change and...
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    Handle Work Question

    Thanks Bawanna! Trying to upgrade my membership now to Basic but having issues so will let you know when that gets up and running so I can get PM's. And no problem just let me know when you have free time on your hands, no rush, your a great guy, thanks again.