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  1. Hankins

    Smoke needed for many people - Please post needs here

    The best to both of you, we are here for you...
  2. Hankins

    Running a grinder in Reverse

    Found the solution: Has adjustments for the tensioner wheel and the drive motor
  3. Hankins

    Quench plates, the man the myth the legend

    JT Could you share a pic of your setup...
  4. Hankins

    Vfd info

    1.5 or 2?
  5. Hankins

    Quench plates, the man the myth the legend

    4 X 4 x 1/4" square tubing sounds like an option Maybe with some solid steel plate welded to the top for weight
  6. Hankins

    Vfd info

    Would this be a good option with all the bells and whistle's added:
  7. Hankins

    Running a grinder in Reverse

    Thanks bmilleker looking forward to hearing your findings
  8. Hankins

    Running a grinder in Reverse

    Making a decision which new grinder to get... Looking at the KMG-TX or ? Yes it will have a VFD and speed will vary according to task
  9. Hankins

    Is this heat treat oven any good?

    USA knife supply Better product better price
  10. Hankins

    Running a grinder in Reverse

    Anyone doing this? Because I suck at flat grinding on a Platen I like doing my flat grinds parallel to the contact wheel. However it is more difficult to keep precise control. Would like to do them edge up across a horizontal contact wheel. This will really require being able to run the belt in...
  11. Hankins

    What is your most, and least enjoyable part of making knives?

    Love the design process most of all followed by tweeking the pattern until it's just right... That's why I do 1/4" thick patterns in wood! Best feeling is getting feedback when the blade actually gets used
  12. Hankins

    What do y’all use for knife templates?

    1/4"x2 1/2"x48" piece of Poplar sold in the wood trim section of the local Lowes or Home Depot Cost is around $3-4 but you can get quite a few templates out of one. Good thing is you can practice your grind on it, especially if it's a complicated one. These come in many other sizes as well so...
  13. Hankins

    What grinder are you running and how could it be improved?

    What grinder are you running in your shop? What do you Love/Hate about it? How could it be improved? What feature/features are missing? Cost VS Benefit in overall performance? I ran a KMG for 19 odd yrs and the only issue was not being offered in Direct drive=noisy
  14. Hankins


    Yes as shown VFD and motor included Need a Zip for a shipping estimate
  15. Hankins

    Cold Steel Black Talon's

    JBC PM answered
  16. Hankins

    Cold Steel Safe maker 1

    Cold Steel Safe Maker 1 As new never carried or used 4 1/2" blade AUSG steel No Box Includes sheath $75 shipped USPS Priority mail flat rate box PP Preferred PM any question