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    A few stacked leather questions.

    You can soak a leather handle with tung oil 3 - 4 times over a period of a couple of days and it will dry rock hard. I made one like that and it is hard enough that a finger nail won't leave a mark in it. I believe I soaked it 4 times, you could experiment with 1, 2 or 3 soakings and see if it...
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    it looks as though the last post, before yours was 2010. Snickers... Damn the search engine... if necroposting is so frowned upon, why aren't threads auto locked after what; a month, 3 months, 6 months, a year... Who judges when a thread is too old to post into anyway?
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    Ooh, buurrnns.
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    how long did it take you to make a QUALITY knife?

    Proceed to open and spill can of worms into the rose bush... My first forged knife was a quality knife, and every one after that. In the classic car industry we have a term called "trailer queen" - That is a car that never sees pavement other than the 100' when it is backed out of the trailer...
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    Drill press caution

    Just another reason to drill the way I do. Note how the drill press is being used... Drilling a differentially heat treated 1095 blade.
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    Hey man, got a knife? Just say no.

    My policy, if you can provide 8 pieces of photo ID and a $50.00 deposit, you can borrow my knife. Same goes for taking a cheque/check, maximum value of which would be $50.00. they can have the $50.00 back when the check clears.
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    Forge welding titanium and niobium?

    If you've ever wondered how they get the copper or aluminum onto the bottom of a stainless steel frying pan, that is how they do it.
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    Forge welding titanium and niobium?

    I would go with mete's idea. Impact welding. Ask your neighbor if you can borrow his garage for an hour or so, then ask him how much insurance he has... Impact welding: This video reminds me of when mythbusters 'disappeared' a cement truck with anfo.
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    Forge welding titanium and niobium?

    The stainless pouch would likely melt before the titanium got up to forge welding temp... not to mention the fact that niobium melting point is is 1400F higher than titanium's melting point which I'm sure would increase the welding temp considerably.
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    VERY new Smith, First Knife.

    Do a search for "superquench", You will need to regrind somewhat after heat treat anyway. To add a bit of flare, a lot of guys that do spike knives twist the 'tang' and leave it as a bare steel handle. Edited: wrong superquench recipe..
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    A few tips for newer stock removal folks

    This is the magnet I use:
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    Heat Treat Then Start the Grind?

    HT before grinding would also facilitate accurate HRC testing, without leaving a mark... so long as you don't overheat during grinding.
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    Protanium® High Torque Steel?

    going by the specs that material sounds an awful lot like S7.
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    HT for D-2 steel?

    Assuming you do not have a heat treat oven and cryo equipment (if you did you'd probably know how to find HT specs by searching or asking the steel supplier for the info) When you send it out for heat treat tell them what hardness you want.
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    Protanium® High Torque Steel?

    This is one I made for my brother; he has been a mechanic all his life. Doh! Necroposted... didn't see that.
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    This makes all of the sanding worth it...New Pics added

    Very cool looking. Those striations almost make it look like tamahagane.
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    one knife steel to do ya forever

    I'd be happy with any of the steels I have on hand and am capable of heat treating in a forge; 1084, 1095, 5160, 52100 and CruVee. We have plenty of railroad rail for when those run out.
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    Where have you found inspiration for designs?

    +1 for suicide girls What year is that car? it has a slight resemblance to a 1969 cyclone gt.
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    BF Cookbook

    My Jerky Spice recipe: 160g coarse salt 190g fine himalayan salt (sea salt) 150g cracked pepper 50g onion powder 50g garlic powder 80g crushed dried chilies 50g cayenne 75g paprika 75g Lawry's seasoned salt 75g piclking spice 10g rosmary leaves 5g bay leaves crushed 30g celery seeds This is...
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    Removing handle scales

    My usual method of removing old scales for refurbishing is to use a belt grinder to grind down the pins on one side then knock the pins out the other side then knock the scales off with a few taps of a hammer and/or chisel then grind any residue off. On blades that I have refurbished, the...