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    SOLD Spyderco D2 Military

    Excellent condition, user I bought it off here on BFC tightened the pivot, but it can be loosened. I imagine that is why the blade it is slightly off center when closed. I didn't use it myself, but I don't believe it is NIB. Factory edge still appears to be on there. 180 shipped CONUS via PP.
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    FS Couple of rare ones: Spyderco D2 Military/Moki Stag Gunstock

    Spyderco D2 Military Sprint run w/ Foliage Green G10 handles, made in USA, Number 045V. Original box, papers, plastic baggie (though admittedly a little banged up). It is not BNIB, if only because the previous owner tightened the pivot screw at my request due to potential customs issues. Other...
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    FS: Kuo made Taiwanese Shi Lin Knife

    Next one, custom made by Kuo He Ji. Famous traditional Taiwanese knife with it's distinctive eggplant-shaped handle and leaf shaped blade. 3.5 inches closed, 6.5 open, including bail. Brass hardware, horn handles, stainless steel with high polished blade. $140$130 shipped CONUS, including USPS...
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    FS: 2011 Bladeforums GEC Easy Open Jack

    SPF to Eric/ew505 EDIT: SOLD, thanks!
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    FS: 2011 Bladeforums GEC Easy Open Jack

    Well it's been a while, and life moves on. So first up, 2011 GEC Bladeforums knife with spear blade and cap lifter. Never been carried, just admired. Original edge, original packaging, original oil on blades. $120 via PP with USPS Priority shipping CONUS...
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    Remembering Bruce (B.C.) Molin - 8-24-11

    Bruce was a great guy and wonderful to talk to about anything, I genuinely see him as a source of inspiration. I posted a photo of the obituary in the last thread, but I'm sure it will be a good read for anyone, whether they knew Bruce or not.
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    Sharpfinger Inspired "SPK"

    That's a beaut, just a fantastic knife overall, from the handle to the hamon. Any photos of the sheath for the complete package?
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    Make a Wooden Sheath (with no electricity, and few skills)

    Brilliant work Steve, just brilliant.
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    Ugly Villager Knives

    Good to finally match some faces to the names!
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    PICS ADDED; GEC, Buck, Schrade, & Camillus

    Hey Matt, have you missed pricing the Camillus?
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    HI gladius/short sword - Manjushree's Sword of Wisdom.

    Great score CF, Sher (the Tiger) no longer works for HI IIRC, but I was fortunate enough to have my very first khuk made by him. Definitely a great craftsman.
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    Anyone have reviews and pictures of these???

    Unfortunately I also am not familiar with the R4, but from this review, it looks like a groovy little fixed blade with a neat curved handle: I was fortunate to acquire one...
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    Anyone have some good pics of the UBE?

    Heya VA, while I don't have a UBE to get pics for you, I think it's best to mention that due to the nature of HI and the kamis, no two khuks will be exactly alike, even if they are the same model. Variations in weight, handle length and thickness, blade length, spine thickness cho creep, etc...
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    I've read a few posts on this forum regarding the proper technique of khukuris, and have personally come to conclude that the most important tip is letting the weight of the khuk doing the work, which greatly reduces fatigue. I think I remember a post by Bill aka shortwinger who mentioned that...
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    Four blems for 7/5

    Big recommendations for the Cherokee Rose and the 12 inch AK at these prices.
  16. 7 great friend and shining light...has walked West.

    Best wishes for friends and family. Just by his posts you could tell Yvsa was no ordinary man, he'll be missed.