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    39 users for sale. All $30 or less

    Ill take 14 and 18 If jettison gone 16 Travisricker0 at the gmail
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    Emailed about trm
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    Benchmade Bugout 535BK-2

    Question please email travisricker0 at gmail
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    Liner Lock/G10***SOLD***

    That knife is amazing
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    still havent heard from you
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    Travisricker0 at gmail
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    Ill take the dividend
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    Spyderco Spydie, will moon

    Travisricker0 at gmail for will moon
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    Seconds on no choil please
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    Olamic Swish and George Muller

    If somone will split with me ill pay half on the swish and pay for shipping too
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    FS Spyderco St Nick's Delica and Hinderer 3" No Choil Slicer

    Ill take the xm if it falls through travisricker0 @ gmail