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    Still no knife from Dale Chudzinski

    Anyone heard from Dale? I finally traded away the Osage Nessmuk he made me. Every time i looked at it was a reminder to me I felt ripped off for the other knife. I highly recommend Matt of Mlknives for this type of knife. honest and a fine craftsman.
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    Allan Blade

    I guess no news is bad news on this one. Allan, come on get er done!
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    What's the BEST Folder You Have...and YOUR FAVORITE?

    Real tough (impossible!) to narrow down but best would be Large Sebenza (though I carry the small more) or a war era Victorinox Soldier.The favorite changes all the time but a three way tie would be Fallkniven U2, Victorinox Woodsman in Stayglow, and the Spyderco Native. For field use a Al Mar...
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    If you could have one knife whatwould it be?

    I'm a big fan of the Bark River Bravo-1 and it's slimmer, lighter, stainless brother the USMC Recon Wet environ: By the way, a new run of 100 of these will be made soon. For your application I would go with a Lil Chute : Mine is handled with Black and green linen Micarta.
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    Public apology

    Dave made some excellent sheaths for me a while back for my Ranger Knives. He was a little late in delivery but never said why, or mentioned the hell he was going through. I highly recommend Dave and Buy Brown Kydex. Nobody does better work. Heal well my friend, from all those wounds. Our...
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    William Henry Quest

    Gary, Your pictures of the Tom Brown are driving me crazy! I'm still looking for one. Seriously, your pictures are amazing!
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    Allan Blade

    No news of Allan? Probably still hitting gun and knife shows.
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    Knifeworks: Excellent!

    Roger and the crew at Knifeworks are the best. Great prices, service and southern hospitality. Can't be beat! :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: I do feel bad they won't be carrying bark River any more.
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    Blade Show 2007 Photos - Pt. 1

    Excellent pictures, Vincent! As usual couldn't make it to the other coast for the show.
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    Still no knife from Dale Chudzinski

    Well, I am still waiting on a Back Country Utility ordered from Dale October 14, 2004. $160 paid by Paypal. (Paypal ID [email protected]); I had received a Nessmuk from him around Christmas 2004 and he was going to get the backcountry (lefty sheath) to me by Valentines Day 2005. These were...
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    Allan Blade

    Hate to tell you, Joe, he is probably back at Walmart working sporting goods and selling his (your) knives at gun shows.
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    what's in your hollow handle

    My project-1 has a Victorinox mini champ in it. I wear a Maxpedition M-5 with my PSK in it. For fire lighting I have matches, Fire-steel, in the M-5 and a Scripto lighter (as recommended by Cody Lundin in 98.6 Degrees) in my pocket. The Scripto has an adjustable flame that can be a real torch...
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    Allan Blade

    Did he ever take care of the British Blades orders?
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    what 3 knives would you bring????

    Good idea, Dr Bill. Well lets see: RD-7 Vic Ranger or Rucksack and Bark River Golock or Bark River Aurora Vic GAK Ranger Renegade Hawk or Well better stop here too many combos ;)
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    Still no knife from Dale Chudzinski

    Well, it is now 2 years since I ordered a second knife. Dale does outstanding work, I have a Nessmuk he made and sent me a month late. I ordered the second knife my wife wanted to get me for Valentines Day 2005! Dale, if you read this, I still have hope it will come. Why don't you make it a...
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    William Henry Attache, B15 model

    WOW Gary! Two amazing knives and a great sheath for it. I am GREEN with er, admiration! :D
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    Still no knife from Dale Chudzinski

    Dale owes me a Back country utility from late 2004. I have a Nessmuk he did, awsome. Ordered the back country, promises. It POs me that others have got theirs who ordered after me. Guess I better hound him for a while.
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    Practical Knife Recommendation

    Well, I have never neen in a SERE situation but a RAK or RD6 would be an excellent choice. Justin coats the 5160 blades so rust is not an issue. The RD is more solid than the RAK. Most of the mentioned knives would meet or exceed your needs. The Fallkniven A1 is really tough (I don't have one...
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    Gary Graley--One of the BEST!

    Gary did aterrific job on a couple sheaths for me. Kept in touch as to how it was going shipped real quick! :D :D No shower pics only these EDC since December:
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    Jonathan, Check this thread, it never sold and may be available: kathathu