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    Fixed blade epiphany.

    The Slim Outdoorsman is nice too :)
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    Fixed blade epiphany.

    Small fixed blades you say there Jacknife? You owe it to yourself to grab a Dozier knife. AG has them on his site with no wait. I'm a big fan of the Personal Utility, a little bitty big worker.
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    Off Topic Horsewright's 20th Anniversary

    Congrats & keep up the good work :)
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    Small Fixed Blade Comparison

    No Dozier? My all time, hands down favorite little FB The Personal Utility. Here it is with it's stable mates Alliuse, you, collector of fine small knifs, need a Dozier Knife. :)
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    Post your favourite photo of your Traditional knife

    It's an older photo but I've always liked it. A couple more... the last two are on printed backgrounds :)
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    2020 GEC#47 VIPER RUN

    Thank goodness :D
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    2020 GEC#47 VIPER RUN

    Too rough??? That's premium bark there! Don't sand it!!!
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    Can you maintain a carbon steel knife with only materials from the wilderness?

    Use the left side of your nose for the mark side of the blade and the right side of your nose for the pile side of the blade. Old Viking Tradition :)
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    Off Topic If you could have any car (just for fun disucssion)??

    That is exceptional. Just right. Not over the top or gaudy. And oh so red!
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    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year all you tooling, stitching, carving & bending folks!
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    Does anyone recall the 007 "flick" knives of the 70's

    007.... I was a high schooler in the 70s and they were common. IIRC nothing much holding the blade closed so it was super easy to flip open. And the reason why NYC has gravity knife laws. My Uncle was a cop and had one he confiscated & threw in the tool box. My cousin was messing with it in his...
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    Clean jokes...

    BRAVO! On a similar math favorite note
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    Strap cutters....oh my!

    They make various straight edges with a vertical wall to protect your fingers. Like 2/3s of an I beam. Handy when you're really rushing.
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    Recommendation? The Case Bowie Knife?

    John A, I like the W49 better as well. Both of those knives were icons from our childhood. You just had to go 'visit' them on every trip to Montgomery Ward or whoever had those big displays.
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    Strap cutters....oh my!

    FWIW, middle finger and thumb are placed at the back of the straight edge touching both the ruler and the cutting surface. That wedges the ruler in place and keeps it from moving better than just pushing down on it. Index finger goes next to middle finger and provides downward force. If you are...
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    Recommendation? The Case Bowie Knife?

    Izeplin, Winner winner chicken dinner! That, my friend, is stagalicious :) I think that back in those days recycling was a thing before it had a name. Nothing went to waste. I read that the colonists, when moving west, would burn down their cabins to salvage the nails. Worn out files and...
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    Recommendation? The Case Bowie Knife?

    Do files wear out?
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    Strap cutters....oh my!

    Oh man.... We'd use the knife and a steel straight edge to cut boards and fomecore. Knife gets up in the straight edge and it's like hitting a patch of ice. Speeds up and you lose control. We had a guy split his finger from the nail down. He's jumping around yelling OW OOOOOWWWW!!! and waving...
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    Has Culinary Cutlery Skewed my Sense of Blade Lengths?

    Big knives for the kitchen, like the French chef's knife, are meant to be used with the point staying on the table/cutting board. This actually makes it less fatiguing over the long run since you are not lifting the entire weight of the knife for each cut, chop or slice. Personally I like my...
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    Recommendation? The Case Bowie Knife?

    I think that's less than my wife paid for new.