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    Sharpening Beginner's First Day

    Toothy edge means "a toothy apex" (resulting from coarse secondary bevel finish), correct? Then this is nothing one would encounter on any commercial blade (razor, utility blade, spyderco, chef knife, etc). Commercial blades have rough finishes on the secondary bevel but their apex is...
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    Sharpening Beginner's First Day

    DMT is diamond, right? Diamond on metal. I once completely destroyed a DMT plate by using it to lap a ceramic stone spyderco. While it cut the ceramic stone right away (and did the job of lapping really well), the ceramic stone in turn pulled all the diamonds out of the metal. Within minutes...
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    Sharpness Chart

    Just got the latest edition of your book, 6th edition 2021, Revised and Expanded, 84 pages (the 5th edition 2020 was 73 pages, while the free edition has 24 pages), thank you! Best and most current book of its kind. Will there be a German language version of the ebook available too, one day in...
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    Sharpening Beginner's First Day

    behinners should try sharpening on intact \ sharp (cheap) knives if your knife is dull with a rounded edge it will take too long, thanks!
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    I Tested the Edge Retention of 48 Steels

    slightly OT: is it coincidence that your logo looks pretty the same as Giaco's logo? He is Italian 🔪 knife maker and machinist.
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    [wdyst] What Did You Sharpen Today?

    Today i sharpened an old 1$-value fruit and vegetable knife Solingen. Key properties of such a knife are: super light-weight (good!), small thin handle (bad!), short thin blade of "constant" thickness (apart from the primary bevel), flexible blade (not good for sharpening!), low hardness steel...
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    Fox Suru BUYER BEWARE...

    here a recent video, which variant would you like best? apparently they're serialized (limited edition): us street price seems to be around 320$ lmao , in eu it's "80$ less" (because made in eu), currently with high availability (so not very limited, for now). so for me the price is within...
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    Pocket sharpener, looking for suggestions

    something for on the keychain would be cool
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    Recommendation? Sharpener

    it is raining in ROME1000 right now, so i have time to browse forums and post my 2 cents if not :poop:. it is not about money or equipment, but skill and really knowing what you're doing. once you're skilled you'll need 1 stone only. to get there, i started with several guided rod systems...
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    Angle consistency on small knives

    yeah. SAK are good example. few passes needed, thin blades. then stropping with violin technique
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    Suggestions for Stropping Compound

    for guided rod sharpening systems like Ruixin Pro III i use the PTS method for stropping. for compounds, anything you like (wax based ones, not sprays).
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    Fox Suru BUYER BEWARE...

    Last night i accidentally noticed that there are new ©2021 variants out, Nos. #22-24 are official manufacturer's catalog limited editions with full scales (no more cheesy holes!). I don't think that CPM 20CV is a step-up from M390, what do you think? Since i already own several surus, i probably...
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    Removing scratches from a stonewashed blade

    caution but some minor scratches in stonewashed blade can be scrubbed out with Barkeepers Friend. BF dissolves metal and finishes, so caution here.
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    Stropping: angle plus pressure

    I haven't said my piece here yet? Can't be. So here it goes: i use the bevel angle as stropping angle (stropping angle = bevel angle), with notable pressure, on a hard wood surface. my key is : controlling the exact angle. I can do so with my right elbow, like a violinist stroking the fixed...
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    Review Quark Tool Review - keychain utility knife

    Haven't stropped that knife yet, lol. Took a long break from knives and sharpening (over 6 months as we can count). I am back for today, resharpened the Stanley 5192 blade of my Quark. I use the tool regularly for cutting plastic foil (from a 6-pack of water bottles) and, more demandingly, for...
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    Recommendations on who can mill out solid titanium scales?

    I h*te that the Spyderco Techno (1, 2, 3, 4, just any) doesn't come with milled out Ti scales. They could have done it, but they chose not to. Maybe to cut costs? @Mako109 you could shoot Mike at Spectrum Energetics an email. they have a machine shop and offer services.
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    It can shave, but not slice a tomato????

    That's wahht i appreciate about my unusual stropping method: compound on raw wood, no leather. No caution needed, and i actually strop with notable pressure. The edge goes from 204M finish directly to mirror polish finish within a few strokes. C R A Z E E E. Very fast cutting. Well, similar to...
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    It can shave, but not slice a tomato????

    i have no insights, can't sleep, random contribution, long time no see. the other day i sharpened 2 chef knives after 6 months of not sharpening anything. used 204M only , knowing that a cooking session would destroy further efforts (204F etc) within a day. deburred with degussit ruby and...
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    Knife Fail Pics

    happy new year to 743 everyone!
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    New from Worksharp: Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener

    cast alloy or plastic ? most of it i'm snob i