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    Name The New PM3

    Terminal Lance 😉
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    Paramilitary or Stretch

    Lock strength isn't really that big of a concern for me tbh, I can use slipjoint effectively for most tasks. PM ergonomics, ease of opening and closing one handed more important to me. It's available in lots of high performing steels for those so inclined.
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    Large Classic Micarta Inlay

    Updated, work was in progress
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    Large Classic Micarta Inlay

    large classic Micarta inlay, s30v, carried and sharpened, lockup is still optimal no box or birthcard but i purchased circa 2009 from plaza cutlery in person $360 obo
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    Pacific Cutlery 906 lockback spearpoint (ANOTHER) PRICE DROP

    For sale one either unused or very lightly used Pacific Cutlery 906 lockback linen micarta spearpoint AUS-8a folder. not the original box. $145obo This is a screaming deal on a pre-benchmade pacific cutlery!
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    Brian Tighe Spearpoint Linerlock folder

    Tighe chiselground linerlock folder, CF and Titanium scales, liners. User, some scuffs on blade and clip. Price drop $275 obo. PayPal accepted let's move this knife
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    Two First Run Scrapyard Users - S6 and Dogfather

    Up for sale are two Scrapyards I purchased from Scrapyard when the company got started. Both in SR-77, unmarked. Price $130 obo first the Scrapper 6, came from the factory with the penetrator tip. Has been sharpened, some smoothing of coating on blade, and loss of coating on spine from light...
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    My style sebenza review

    Yes. Don't forget "self-important" and "equivocating."
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    Surefire 618LM fore end for Rem 870 NIB

    Hey guys, I've got a brand new unopened, still in shrinkwrap Surefire 618LM fore-end for remington 870s. Looking for dive watches, Swedish axes, and nice (case, usa schrade, and GEC) slipjoints. Make me another offer if you think it's interesting. Will post pics...
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    Shot show Ti-lock pics

    I'm with Josh. That clip is hideous. I'm sure it's wonderfully functional but it's an eyesore, much more so than the "idaho made" stamp which I could also live without. I also preferred the polished look over the bead blast.
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    CRK Lignum Vitae Mnandi

    SPF to keepitsimple
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    User condition Dumpster Mutt

    Scrapyard Dumpster Mutt in user condition, scuffs on busse basic handle from inserting and withdrawing from kydex sheath, smoothing, scuffing, and paint marks on coating, chips in coating around penetrator tip, sharpened. Still in perfect functional condition, with kydex sheath. $100 shipped...