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  1. Blue Puma

    NIB Sable III for large Inkosi Micarta

    e-mail and pics sent.
  2. Blue Puma

    NIB Sable III for large Inkosi Micarta

    I got one in natural canvas drop point, s35vn. Literally only unwrapped for photos when I got it. DOB was in 2017 if I recall correctly. I even have it's small mate too. LMK if you are interested and I'll take new photos or rustle up the old ones.
  3. Blue Puma

    Lost CRK Thread

    I feel your pain. I lost a couple of knives (emerson cqc-7 and a microtech lightfoot manual) years and years ago, and still look for them.... I still think they are in one of these damn boxes!!!
  4. Blue Puma

    Refinish Diamond Plate Sebenza Question

    I seem to remember seeing posts that people have had good results sending uniques and CGG back for R&R. I would call and see what they say.
  5. Blue Puma

    Recommendation? Chris Reeve Knives Next Design?

    In everything, this is the key. It isn't the arrow, it is the Indian.
  6. Blue Puma

    Recommendation? Chris Reeve Knives Next Design?

    I didnt even think about it. A good auto (side and OTF) a cut above microtech would be nice. But my uneducated impression is that microtech has that market locked up. I have a couple of them and I do like them, even though I feel the OTFs are a bit...well...."fragile". And I do love the UDTs.
  7. Blue Puma

    Recommendation? Nyala or Professional Soldier

    I love my pro soldier, but I wear it as a concealed knife every day. It is just small enough for that, but larger than a neck knife. If I could open carry a fixed knife at work, it would be a bigger knife, that is for sure.
  8. Blue Puma

    How to get a CRK with a specific birth date

    That's the spirit!!!!
  9. Blue Puma

    Will I regret not getting a Sebenza?

    You really can't go wrong with any of them, and once you carry it for a while I am pretty sure that given time you will get another. If you buy used, it takes a bit of the financial sting out. I have been carrying a zaan as my utility knife for about 6 months. I love how beefy it is, even...
  10. Blue Puma

    How to get a CRK with a specific birth date

    IIRC, the engraving isn't really that expensive. I am getting ready to price out a custom knife with them with graphic and engraved words; If you have the time please let us know the parameters for design and costs!
  11. Blue Puma

    How to get a CRK with a specific birth date

    A better idea is to get one engraved! You deserve it!
  12. Blue Puma

    *SOLD* Chris Reeve Knives Pacific Combat Knife + Leather Sheath NEW IN BOX

    Hilariously, Vactor actually is my brother!
  13. Blue Puma

    Talk to me about Cocobolo

    It is pretty hard wood. I have pistol grips made of cocobolo on a gun I wore every day for a couple years, and they have no dings, and the edges are still perfect.
  14. Blue Puma

    Home Invasion

    OMG that is absolutely terrible! I hope everyone is ok, physically and mentally. I know if someone touched my wife.... I home carry for exactly that reason. I hope everyone is going to be OK.
  15. Blue Puma

    Photos Busted Sebenza 25 :(.

    I'll bet you 20 that they fix it up
  16. Blue Puma

    Photos Busted Sebenza 25 :(.

    I am not sure what actually broke from your description, Is it just the blade? Just send it back. Odds are they will fix 'er like new. If it is the blade that broke, I read that they keep stock of the old blade stock for just this situation, but that was just something I heard on the board...
  17. Blue Puma

    The Dangers Of This Forum

    Just do it. The resale is pretty good, and the plains and the micarta inlays can be reconditioned to like new for very little. You will lose almost nothing if you buy right. Just pick what you want and wait around the for sale forum. You'll get a good deal eventually.