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    AAA Flashlight with Bezel-up Pocket Clip

    You could also check out the Streamlight Microstream. I've had one for over two years now, and it works great for my use. The clip can be placed on the tail-end and the bezel-end, aswell as being able to clip onto a cap at the tail end.
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    Trading knives for services?

    I was wondering if it was allowed to post a for trade, where i want to get rid of a bunch of knives, but want the services of a custom knifemaker, to make me a new one? I know it is probably quite a longshot, but i've more knives than money right now, and thought i'd ask here before possibly...
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    What "Traditional Knife" are ya totin' today?

    This entry should really have been on page 1981, since both i and my entry for today/night and tomorrow are both manufactured that year. A Case grandaddy? Barlow, resin handles. Excellent knife. :D
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    Name that tune!

    I was listening to some music just now, and suddenly a question popped into my head. Is there a certain song, genre or artist that makes you think or daydream about traditional folding knives? One song that does that to me, is Poor Man's Son, by Kris Drever. It has that melancholic, desperate...
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    Gec, 1095 steel... But wonder if other steel is planned...

    AEB-L was even patented in 1928. With a good heattreat, it'd be marvelous! (And historic to boot.) :)
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    Gec, 1095 steel... But wonder if other steel is planned...

    I've said it in a previous thread, that i'd wish GEC would make a line in 13c26/AEB-L steel, as it's basically a stainless 1095. It sharpens like 1095, and according to those who knows such things, blanks as 1095. Infact, they could substitute 440C with AEB-L in my view.
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    Best disinfectant for cuts in the out doors?

    I don't know about using it on a fresh wound, but i've successfully taken care of smaller infections with chewed up sage-leaves placed on area, then bandaged with band-aid. Make sure you've got a decently clean mouth, rinse and gargle with water if necessary, and chew up four or so sage leaves...
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    Tell me about the Koster WSS knife.

    X55 is actually X55CrMo14, which is very similar to 12c27. It's not as good a steel as the 3v used in the WSS knife, but it's by no means a dud-steel.
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    If you could have any manufacturer make any knife to your specs, what would it be?

    I'd have Northwoods, aka. KnivesShipFree/okbohn, make a peanut, with the smaller pen infront of the larger clip, in ats34 steel , stainless steel liners and bolsters, and yellow paper micarta.
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    The Human Race.

    Found this, thought it might be of interest to the crowd here. Enjoy:
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    Northwoods Peanut / Mini Moose... Comments?

    I just ordered one. I mean.. A peanut clad in stag and D2? Just... Lovely. :)
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    I'm a proud father

    How about getting her, her very own pocket "knife", that she can carry and use pretty much without supervision? I'm thinking something like: Might be a useful tool in teaching her correct handling of a knife...
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    GEC...Please Make More Patterns Available To Us in 440C...yea or nea ?

    To throw a wrench in the works.. I wish they'd start using what many call the stainless equivalent to 1095. That is, AEB-L or 13c26. :)
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    What knife would have my great-great-grandfather carried?

    They would probably have carried some form of relatively inexpensive Norwegian fixed-blade "tollekniv", locally sourced, as they were as far as i've found, relatively poor farmers in the rural Norwegian countryside.
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    Whatcha got on order? (Traditional Knives Only)

    I'm waiting intensely for a GEC #62 antique amber easy-pocket congress from okbohn. Monday can't come soon enough, i tells ye. If only i could tell UPS to hurry up.
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    Beautiful!...but wait!

    At least they didn't give it serrations. ;)
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    What "Traditional Knife" are ya totin' today?

    It should really be a knife in my absolute favorite steel, 13c26, but instead it's my new CSC Barlow in sunset smooth bone, serial#21, and 14-4 CRMO steel. Pretty good, and feels great in the hand.
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    What "Traditional Knife" are ya totin' today?

    In honor of the page number, i'm carrying a tiny Opinel no4, with mod12c27 steel. Tiny as a pea, and sharp as a razor.
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    Name that GEC Tube Topper Popper!

    Not in it for the giveaway or anything. I just got inspired and cut one out of some g10 i've got kicking about. Not quite yet finished or anything, just a little thing. 3" length, opening my tube once containing an antique yellow sawcut Tom's Choice two-bladed Charlow. :)
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    Pattadese for two and a half days.

    Thank you Carl and Fausto. A spacer makes much more sense with the bolster being the way it is. I was thinking that a backspring wouldn't have enough room to move inside the bolster, also with the pin-placement as it is, it makes much more sense as a spacer. :)