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  1. J

    Post your Modded Beckers here!

    Did you lick the mustard off with your tongue ? .
  2. J

    My Ultimate BK10

    Nice job on your BK10 I like my 10. Only mod I did was rounding the spine pointy thingy
  3. J

    The Knife Buying Public Are Fools

    Any pictures of the 15 design by other makers?
  4. J

    When will there be

    I give up,,,, what is a JAB parang?
  5. J

    When will there be

    With a Arched or cured blade edge like this, it would always be slicing. 3/16 thick
  6. J

    When will there be

    ...a Becker Parang ? 11"-ish blade :D I like that Becker 1095 cro-van
  7. J

    Becker BK9 as primary woods survival knife?

    My BK 9 is my most used knife and pretty much been carring it only on my daily hikes. I have a azwelke taco sheath and use paracord and a small carabiner to hook it to my belt loop as a cross draw. Heck No, the bk9 in not too much blade for the woods? I need it where a smaller blade is...
  8. J

    Noob question

    Hey Larry I was new too Beckers and I electro etched with a battery charger like shown above. Works niffty :D No you dont have to "take off any gold ink". Might be just a illusion I found a cotton ball dipped in the salt water works better and faster than a Q-tip, alot faster, be...
  9. J

    Micarta- LMF vs KaBar

    I lost Joe's email Anyone have his email address? please I dont do facebook
  10. J

    Micarta- LMF vs KaBar

    The only have micartas on my Esee 6 LMFs and my Junglas. I like the feel of the canvas micarta. I have some TommytheWho olive scales and I just took them back off my 10 and put the blacks back on. The wood scales were alittle thinner at the tang edges (not as beefy and rounded)and the metal...
  11. J

    Micarta- LMF vs KaBar

    Who has the LMF (Joe) scales for big Beckers and the Ka bar micartas too How do they compare? Do you like LMFs better than the ka bar micarta The LMF Joe's scales come the press fit round nut and socket head bolt, black stainless and looks they fit tighter in the drilled holes, from the...
  12. J

    What did you rehang today?

    Hey, I just discovered Blade Forum has a Axe forum, not just a Becker forum 3 lb Kelly Wards on a 28" re-profiled house haft. Some bone black in the grain, cherry stain and linseed Few others L to R, 4lb plumb, 4lb true temper 32", the above 3lb wards(kelly) 28", 3.5lb Red Diamond...
  13. J

    BK2 - BK7 - BK9 - BK10 Comparisons/differences/suggestions?

    Get the 9 ! I use my 9 the most I have the 9, 10, 5, 16, 15. I agree the 2 is too thick for my needs, 7- I thought the length I would not like for what it is Also have a Esee 6 I like, and a Junglas
  14. J

    Home made bushcraft pocket pants

    Ok, which one of you is this ?
  15. J

    Some Becker-East Spring Gathering Photos

    No fire truck pictures ? Could'nt of had too much fun .
  16. J

    Batoning techniques from the man himself.

    Good vid, but where was the 9? :D
  17. J

    Bought a couple Ka-Bar Beckers

    Didnt happen unless you post pics
  18. J

    GRAPHIC BK7&1264 Butchering Domestic Pig

    Good job ! Did you eat the brain? .