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    Laconicos and a Burchtree...........

    if number 1 is still available i'll take it pm me or email me at [email protected]
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    Breaking in the YCS

    Murphy's oil soap and a toothbrush....... No water just the soap or you'll risk raising the grain.
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    New Knife: Subcom FB

    Daywalker, I just got one from a buddy that does have the backwards logo also it seems that one of the holes wasn't milled out all the way and there is some slag left in the lanyard hole. The sandblast finish was pertty trashed and discolored only on one side. I was gonna finish filing out the...
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    K5 Karda - Pocket Light Sabers

    Dan you have mail......
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    SCANDI Gring sharpening tips!!!

    my local ace hardware carries up to 1000 grit sometimes, when i see I grab some just in case. Norton wet dry cut better and doesn't clog as fast. If you run into a problem with the paper clogging at higher grit you can splash some water or a few drops of oil on it.
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    Quick....tell me 'bout the worst pain you've ever had

    trying to sit up in my car after being nailed from behind by a U-Haul. I was stopped at a red light in a mitsubishi galant. 14 months later i had back surgery because my arse and leg keep going numb...... severe pins and needle type like something "fell asleep"
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    SCANDI Gring sharpening tips!!!

    I have a piece of marble tile that I clip wet dry sand paper on nice and flat. start at 320 and work up to 1000 (1500 if I'm bored)
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    K5 Karda - Pocket Light Sabers

    Dan you have Paypal.......... :D Sorry couldn't resist. Doug
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    My daughter Stella....

    it just ain't right.......... Sorry for you loss Yvsa.
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    Best way to remove

    Usually a wipe with a rag will work. If you want to add some stickiness to the grip hit it with some kiwi neutral polish or beeswax. it'll shine it up and increase the grip.
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    baby Ganga vs. greasewood

    I agree with steve, the edge looks a bit thin. It does look like you're hitting closer to the tip too. What Kami made it, some kamis temper zones vary slightly.
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    Can you guys help to ID this knife?

    hope this helps........... Kukri Info Bahadur is actually a copy version of a designed knife made by Khukuri House for one of its customers. Since its features resemble the shape and style of a khukuri, Khukuri House started producing on its own for resale. A complete new name...
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    Post up some pics of your first handgun.

    mine was a Ruger P97DC. Nice solid 9mm felt better in my hand than the POS Beretta M9 that I was issued. But Uncle Sam told me I had to carry it.
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    Knife for an Army Combat Medic?

    well it would depend on his unit regs, when I was in the largest blade I carried was my KaBar. But if he could carry a Khuk I'd get a 11 to 14 inch bdc with a horn handle. then if you know someone get the whole thing sand blasted, even the handle, this will reduce glare and improve the grip...
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    CONTEST: win a FireSteel just by answering a question...

    I would much rather have a user grade model. I tend to modifiy all my knives to make them mine. If I had a beautiful high quality knife that I've waited months and months for, I hate to have to modify it. Doesn't mean I won't but I would hate to do it.
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    What would you guys think about a D-I-Y Koster Knife Kit?

    I'd buy it, in a heartbeat
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    Quickdraw sheath

    I like that one Bruce.
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    Frog for a WW2

    Very nice Bruce see I told you leather work gets pretty easy to more you play with it. Now stop trying to show me up, you're making an old man look bad:D
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    Differences between Kamis thread

    I have a 12" Siru by Rajendra that I'm testing right now will have a review once i'm finished . I also have more than a few by Dil and Bura both are fine Kamis.
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    Pen knife??

    By decent size meaning around 4 1/2 inches? Because I tend to grip most khuks closer to the blade with my thumb on top of the bolster and my index and middle finger tight enough to allow it to rock. I get more snap that way and the ring and pinky finger only tighten just before the end of the...