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    Traditional Knives (Customs Only)

    This was my first tcustom an adventure sworn explorer in 3v with ironwood handles and one of the finest knives in my collection with an amazing true convex grind. I will have to get some pics of my others to add sometime
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    GEC 25s - Gots 'em?

    I saw they made 50 of the 252208 in horsecut antique maybe a bladeswap or a rondevuex knife or a parts knife. Thats pretty cool
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    2021 #85 Crown Lifter

    I agree you could add that notch very easily with a Dremel and a sanding drum thats how I added the big eo notches. I do think that radio jack notch is a classy touch I have one and never noticed until you mentioned it. I do like the EO notches and may add one to mine. If I added the big EO on...
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    2021 #85 Crown Lifter

    I'm assuming you wanted to lighten it up because you plan on using it if you use a square screwdriver or Allen shape it doesn't indent but a round bar can put more force in a single spot. If you have to do it again on another knife. My gramps had arthritis really bad but loved a gec 25 that I...
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    2021 #85 Crown Lifter

    I understand and to each their own.. the way I posted you can open it a little at a time and check it every time. It really isn't hard if you need a more detailed explanation feel free to pm or message me.
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    2021 #85 Crown Lifter

    There is a few different ways to lighten the pull but if you go to half stop and put an Allen wrench under the backspring here is another picture i borrowed and open the blade against the Allen it will bend the spring and lighten the pull. Just do it slowly and in small increments. I love...
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    Mixed Work Sharp belt grinder

    I had the same problem I went through 4 before I gave up on them its a shame because I had a lot of money invested in the belts. I used it sharpening axes and machetes and all my failures were the motor stopped working I assume from overheating. It should be able to withstand these types of...
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    The “High Culture” Movie Thread

    Man I can't believe Predator hasn't been mentioned the king of 80s one liners Predator Dillon you son of a B**** whats the matter got you pushing to many pencils This shit will make you a GD sequel tyrannosaurus just like me He's dug in like an Alabama tick. And I ain't got time to bleed I...
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    Serrated knives, why do you need them?

    Oh yea which glock the 78 or 81 im assuming the 81 since its got a saw or serrated back
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    Ok here goes!

    I like to use a wire brush on an angle grinder because its super easy and gets it done in no time
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    Spyderco Slysz Bowie Question

    I would buy one too
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    Buck 110 Slim blade length issues

    I believe they measure the entire blade blank but I'm not sure
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    Choosing a Splitting Axe

    yeah the vintage ones do get up there in price but council makes a jersey 3.5lb head with the phantom bevels for about 50 bucks and I like that 3.5-4.5 range for my splitters. Although I do like the 2.25 boys axe for some lighter chores. Especially busting up short pine rounds for kindling. I...
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    Choosing a Splitting Axe

    My advice if you are looking for an axe that works and splits better than anything else especially for the money I recommend the fiskars x27 and have recommended it for years. I had to supply 4 houses with wood for winter and it just outworked everything else. If you just don't like the...
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    How To CS Folder - Washer Swap

    I'm not a fan of Teflon either. I actually have torn them before. Thanks for sharing.