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    Most versatile/well-rounded knife you have

    My Leatherman PST or my SAK Spartan by a mile.
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    Light weight knife for hiking - have to admit, it makes a difference.

    I've carried a Leatherman PST on most of my multi day hikes in tough terrain. Great weight / utility ratio. It's c!eaned fish, repaired a few zippers, sewed a tarp for an impromptu tent, repaired my stove... The uses are countless. Big knives over lots of miles in tough terrain don't go well...
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    What is tougher than a Kabar? D2 vs regular? US vs forign Kabar?

    The bk7 is Ethan Becker's modern take on the utility blade.
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    The knife that will do everything?

    If it were only one to do everything, it would be a multi tool. I've spent years putting hard backpacking and mountain climbing miles on my (newly replaced) knees. My favorite knife to bring was my old leatherman pst. Just super useful tool for many purposes and repairs and a serviceable...
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    Buck Men, does size really matter?

    +1 This entire post, but this section in particular is my experience exactly. Even in wet conditions while backpacking, I've been able to scavenge wood and get to dry sections without needing a 9 inch blade to baton logs. My axe and big blades only come car camping with me, I also use them a...
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    Buck Men, does size really matter?

    I think size does matter. I prefer smaller. I have a few larger knives (Buck 119, Ontario sp5, Ka-bar 1219) ... But I find them all too big for my real world uses in the woods. Fun for car camping and showing off, but they are way less practical than my mora, vantage, leatherman pst, and my...
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    Determining value: When does a knife cost too much?

    Really enjoying this thread. I am a user and not a collector. I won't buy a knife that I am reluctant to use. I also don't use knives for work. Given those facts and my current financial situation, I don't see me spending more than a hundred usd on a knife.
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    New Rat 2 owner, have a question.

    I have a few rats and I tighten the pivot screws just enough so that I can't flick them open and I NEED the thumb stud. But that is my preference. The centering had not been screwed up on mine with that slight tweak, but ymmv. Best of luck and enjoy. I have more expensive folders but it...
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    Just returned from elk hunt; are we over thinking this?

    I'm a recovering watch nerd and a bidding firearms guy I still got the point of the comparison, just thought there was a distinction worth pointing out. As a budding firearm's guy, that comparison does seem to make sense.
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    Just returned from elk hunt; are we over thinking this?

    Great thread. Not to derail, but I do think the watch comparison is off. Unlike the steel, knife cost, and skinning performance comparisons... A g shock will out perform a rolex submariner in almost every measurable way at a fraction of the cost. Timekeeping performance is rarely the top...
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    A practical guy and his SAK

    I am with you all. 52 years old with about 6 or 7 different folders but my SAK Spartan is far and away my most carried and most useful knife.
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    Recommendation? What knife for hiking, foodprep and light bushcraft

    One thing jumps out at me. Multi day backpacking trips are very different than hiking. If you are going to be covering any real distance with a backpack, in even moderate terrain, weight is a factor. Suggest a ss mora and a multi tool for equipment repairs. The mora is an awesome bushcraft...
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    Rough and ready work knife

    And this is my other do everything knife. Never worry about about it, super useful size and profile, and affordable enough to replace really if needed.
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    Rough and ready work knife

    +1. Love my spartan
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    Recommendation? Best Chopper Fixed Blade

    I have the SP5 and I love it... But I use it for a number of different tasks. It's a solid chopper but some of the others are better for that if that's all you want the knife to do.
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    Does knife weight matter to you?

    I or edc, yes,i a bit. I don't mind 5oz or so when wearing jeans in a casual kicking around sort of way, but more often than not, I'm carrying a sak Spartan because if it's versatility, size, and weight. If I am covering miles on a muti day trek in difficult terrain with a backpack, you can...
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    Rat 2, very impressed

    Yep. +1. Great value in those knives. My first recommendation when asked for a starter knife for a non knife knut.
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    SP5 original vs. new

    I only have the 1095 version so can't directly compare. Based on everything I've read and reviews however, I would not hesitate to buy a new one. Even if I decided to invest in another sheath, is still a redeiculous deal.
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    Form or Function?

    +1 on that. I have we always found myself more attracted to things that are designed with performance in mind first.