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    Buck 119 JLLk6

    Beautiful work, has a Blackjack #5 look about it. Well done, well done. Mike
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    Nope, you did not get it wrong, you got it correct and it seems you have an excellent grasp of the concept of using the right tool for the right job. Mike
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    To 110, or not to 110, that is the question...

    I sometimes carry a spare single stack 9mm S&W Shield magazine in a Buck 110 sheath. Mike
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    To 110, or not to 110, that is the question...

    I prefer the 112 size myself, but did pick up a 110 recently. So .... in my opinion, out of the ones you show I think you should keep at least two. A standard one, or a standard one with an upgraded blade steel and a slim or slim pro. Mostly because they are well built, have a great warranty and...
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    Buck marksman lock test

    Why? Marketing and Sales I suppose. Mike
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    Buck marksman lock test

    A knife typically is used by using the cutting edge, thus directing the force against the lock and directing the edge away from your fingers. This direction of force would further lock the knife into place, and if it "failed" would not close. Whacking the knife spine directs quite a bit of force...
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    Recommendation? 110 sheath/deployment question

    I like the vertical Buck sheath ok. I know this might not sit well with some of you, but I like my Schrade leather sheath better than the Buck leather sheath. The Schrade leather sheath has slots cut in the back where the belt goes through as opposed to the belt loop that's on my Buck sheaths...
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    Benefits of "old timey" why do so many still carry and EDC?

    The benefits of 'old timey' for me is because I'm a bit 'old timey' myself ...... now get off my lawn. On a more serious note, sometimes I'm not going anywhere or doing anything that would require a one handed opening option. When I know I'll be in those situations I make the appropriate...
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    Deployment: Faster from in-pocket carry than from clipped

    When clipped to your pocket, try placing your index finger under the bottom of the pocket clip and thumb alongside the knife and sort of "feed" the knife into the palm of your hand. You might not need to re-adjust your grip as much. What I have had happen on occasion when my knife is in the...
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    Survivalist knife folks, a question.

    A few ideas for you. Ferro rod in conjunction with #0000 (extra-extra-extra fine) steel wool and ..... dry tinder, inner tubes cut into tiny pieces, cotton balls and vaseline, jute twine that you"birds nest or fluff" out, fatwood. Get yourself a pencil sharpener, a carpenters sharpener works too...
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    First Buck you ever got and your most recent Buck

    The 315 (bottom) was my first Buck back around 1984 and was used when I worked off-shore along with three other knives. The 301 (middle stockman) and 303 (top stockman) were purchased around 2004-05. The 112 (left) with a 5160 blade was purchased last year. The bone stock 110 (right) was...
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    What's your newest Buck knife

    Me? It's a standard Buck 110, date stamped 2020, from Walmart for $34.47 plus tax. Mike
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    What's your newest Buck knife

    Got this last week. Mike
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    Which should I buy?

    @TheJon here are a couple pictures for you, including the box. The few scratches are from being worn in the sheath, were not there when it was out of the box. Hope it helps, Mike
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    Which should I buy?

    I tried to register with Imgur to show the box mine came in, but they want a phone number. All I have is a land line, no cell phone so that's a no-go for me. I heard to stay away from photobucket, I'll keep looking for a way to post pictures.
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    Which should I buy?

    Good on ya. On an interesting note, mine came in a box not a clam pack. Mine had none of the "issues" you ran into. Hmm, take it back and exchange it if you have the time. They'll probably do it without any problem. Then, open it and inspect it right there in front of them. Maybe even ask for a...
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    Which one would you do or?

    They look nice, but (for me) I'd reverse the blade/handle combination. The satin blade with the black phenolic handle is what I'd go for, again for myself. But either way, you probably can't go wrong. What can I say? I'm just not a fancy, burl wood, brass and coated blade kind of guy.
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    Which should I buy?

    Do it ...... all the cool kids are getting one. /sarcasm
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    Which should I buy?

    Earlier I said if I could get one for $35.00, I would. The closest Walmart to me is nearly an hours drive away, that's why I said that. Well .... lo and behold my wife tells me last night she and a girl friend are going to the town where Walmart lives. Then she asked me, "Is there anything I can...