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    Spin off of "wedding thread"

    I'm 34 y.o. and I got married7 years ago and I still remember that day My brother (he's 24) will get married this spring. He's so worried
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    Building a resume (finally)..any advice?

    hi I've faced the same problems as the author had... Writing a resume s*cks as you even don't know what to write...
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    Various Goodies - clothing, bags, beads

    Do you have any women's clothing for sleeping: dressing gowns, pajamas? I'm looking for something from natural fabrics with long sleeves. Searches in stores have not yet been successful. Or can you recommend some brand of pajamas and then I will find what I need. So, I find similar pajamas (like...
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    Dust Collectors

    Have you ever tried cyclone dust collectors?