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  1. J

    How often do you use your Beckers?

    Is every hour on the hour multiple times in the hour too much. My bk11 is always on my hip. I work with alot of boxes and people that dont understand the need to carry even just a box cutter. They love to pull out their keys and stab at the tape like neanderthals.
  2. J

    Heartbreak at the Eternal Flame Falls (Goodbye Becker BK15)

    Sorry for your loss man. Get out there or get when in the mail.
  3. J

    Does anyone EDC their Becker?

    Laws in illinois are pretty straight forward concealed is like 3" but open thera are no laws prohibiting it. Problem is i spend most of my time in chicago where the laws arent as clear. I spoke with an officer and he told me there is no open carry none and concealed is by law 2.5" but they...
  4. J

    Does anyone EDC their Becker?

    I run my bk11 with green g10 and a kabar tdi clip. Its open/concealed on my belt hidden by my shirt jacket sweater.
  5. J

    Beckers and Food

    16 and my famous red chicken burnt outside juicy inside.
  6. J

    PIC REQUEST - Modded BK16's for upcoming review

    I am late to the show but i still want to let the ya see. Dc etched added tommys east india rosewood scales. Turned out very nice IMO.
  7. J

    Question about stripping.

    As with any stripping you have to set your dignity aside and strip let the world see.
  8. J

    What folders are the Beckerheads carrying?

    Non misplaced my sog so i am belt carrying my bk11 with green g10 scales and a tdi clip works.
  9. J

    Handle liners

    I got a bk11 and ordered some g10 handles off the bay they rattled around a little regardless of how tight i had the bolts so i did what any american would add little duck tape. May not help you but i am sure someone has had that problem.
  10. J

    Proud new BK2 Owner

    Nice the bk2 is a gateway knife to a long line of beckers.
  11. J

    Beckers and Wood from Tommythewho

    I have two sets of east india rosewood for my bk2 and bk16 tommys if the man.
  12. J

    Bk16 Saber grind

    Talk them into it slice i am ready for pre order visa cards not maxed out yet.
  13. J

    Howdy from a long time lurker.

    welcome to the becker sub nice pics
  14. J

    Bk16 Saber grind

    Agree i love the sabre grind look i have a ffg and i would get another 16 if it was available in the sabre grind.
  15. J

    My BK16 Patina

    Really cool nice work
  16. J

    Question about Tweener fasteners....FINISHED pics added

    Nice sorry been gone started at the new location been hectic lookin good pics when its done or it never happened
  17. J

    Major Surgery Monday - SURGERY DONE, BACK HOME

    Strong man will be up and at em in no time. My prayers go out to you sir for a swift and complete recovery.
  18. J

    What does G10 handles feel like ?

    g10 has a lot of texture very grippy i just got some for my bk11