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    All sold.
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    LHC-X is sold.
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    SOLD - Microtech Ultratech Hellhound - Signature Series

    SOLD! Up for sale I have a Microtech Ultratech Signature Series auto. CTS-204P Hellhound blade in apocalyptic finish with distressed black handle scales. Apocalyptic hardware, pocket clip, thumb slide and glass breaker. Blade is totally sterile - no billboarding or branding whatsoever. Very...
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    SOLD - Large Sebenza 31

    Sold! Thanks BladeForums.
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    SOLD - Large Sebenza 31

    Sold pending funds.
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    Both SOLD. Up for sale I have the Cortex from Brown Knives. Purchased directly from Craig, I am the original owner. Knife has never been carried and is in like-new condition. Sale includes the Brown knives hard carrying case, CoA and sticker as provided by the maker. I cover PayPal G&S fees...
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    SOLD - Large Sebenza 31

    SOLD! Up for sale I have a plain jane Large Sebenza 31. Born January 7, 2020, this was among the first Sebenza 31's to hit dealers. I am the original owner. Lockup and centering are spot on. Action hasn’t even been broken in yet. Sale includes all original packaging, wrench / unused grease...
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    Thread removed?

    Hello, I created a thread asking for people’s advice on how to safely sell automatic knives / switchblades in the automatic / switchblades knives forum. The thread was removed. Reason: Sorry but this thread subject is a no go. Trying to obtain information that will help me avoid issues when...
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    Brown LHC-X (Sold)

    Damn. Sorry I missed this. Seconds if it falls through.
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    Marfione Custom Troodon Damascus Hell Hound

    I know it’s a long shot but do you still have this?
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    SOLD Hawk MUDD Auto Carbon Fiber

    SOLD! Up for sale I have a Hawk MUDD Auto with carbon fiber overlays and a stonewashed blade. I picked this up a couple weeks ago and got furloughed from my job the next day, so sadly I need to move it along. While I am not the original owner the knife appears to be unused. Handle scales look...
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    Sebenza 31 Lock Rock?!

    I may be 35 pages late to the party, but for what it’s worth neither of my 31’s have any play whatsoever. I can manhandle the blade in every direction and feel no flex at all. This leads me to believe this is an issue and not a feature. While on the subject, I find it difficult to believe that...
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    SOLD - Okluma Ti DC1 and custom Thor’s Hammer holster

    SOLD! Up for sale I have an Okluma Titanium DC1 with Nichia 219c emitters and green afterglow. Like new condition. Also including a custom holster from Thor’s Hammer Custom Leather. For more info on the holster Google “Thor’s Hammer Custom Leather”. Check out the “Flashlight Holster” and...