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    Para Military or Endura?

    Endura over PM2. Sold the PM2 about 3 weeks ago
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    What is one characteristic or spec from a manufacturer that disqualifies them for you

    Wedgy grinds and overbuilt knives. A knife is a cutting tools not a damn prybar
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    Need 3 fixed blades.

    Battle Horse Knives Battle Horse Knives Battle Horse Knives problem solved!
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    W.I.P hunting knife T.Todorov

    Looks very nice, looking forward to the end product
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    Small fixed blade recommendation under 4

    Battle Horse Knives woodsman (pro)
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    Was my 940 made on a Monday morning?

    My 940 is retarded. Everything is constantly wrong with it.
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    Challenge: Carry only one for a month

    Id go with a sebenza21. its an icon for a reason
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    Which Should I Get?

    Mini Griptilian
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    Tacti-cool Estwing makeover

    Thats seriously sick!
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    What knives are you guys looking at?

    Way too many things Folders: Olamic Wayfarer 247, Sebenza 21, Dauntless MK4 Fixed: BHK Highlander, Gough Resolute
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    BladeHQ Para 2 exclusive M4 w/ Jade G10

    Wish it wasnt m4 I love jade
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    Blasphemy! OMG!

    I've been eyeballing the 0808 and the new spydie advocate pretty sweet
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    $100+ for EDC?

    from and opinel to a modern folder there is a big difference. But from modern folder to modern folder the differences are very minute. Obviously materials, mechanisms, and build quality. The jump over 100 does make a difference, but once you break 200 its kinda just about build quality of...
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    Your fav hard use EDC blade (titanium?)

    Fodale Silex the preorder closed recentlso you might be able to pick one up after
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    Help me identify this Spyderco

    Fake as heck. Sorry man
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    4th of July Knife - What are you carrying?

    Benchmade 757 and 551!
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    If you could build yourself an edc folder what would it look like ?

    Why would you remove the liners if you are gonna pry?
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    Compact hiking/camping axe or hatchet

    Granfors Bruks Outdoor Axe
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    What Makes You Remove Pocket Clips ? Occasionally or Always ?

    UUUUUmmmm never? I like em any way they come