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  1. caseyvermillion


    To my knowledge no. There is a model called the Gigantes, that is bigger than the proxima.
  2. caseyvermillion


    I have two up on the chopping block. 1. Medford TFF-1 G-10 -$465 2. Medford Proxima - $465 3. Take both knives for $900 Prices include the pelican cases, and shipping within the US.
  3. caseyvermillion


    Sold and withdrawn
  4. caseyvermillion

    Medford Praetorian T

    It doesn’t matter anymore....what I was trying to chase sold out
  5. caseyvermillion

    Medford 187DP backup for sale

    Any chance You’d trade for a Lotar Combat Gen 4 limited edition?
  6. caseyvermillion

    FS: Hinderer xm18 3.5

    Ok, I don’t have either of those. Thank you for your reply!
  7. caseyvermillion

    Medford Praetorian T