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    10k, 10-year BH Giveaway! - Winner selected on post 50!

    Thanks for the help Warrior. Added a couple more.
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    10k, 10-year BH Giveaway! - Winner selected on post 50!

    Howdy all. Been away for a bit. Congrats Daizee on a big milestone. This GAW is incredible, thanks for the chance. RULES: 1) You must be a Beckerhead by the time I hit 10k and the giveaway closes BH# 407 2) You must be 18+ years old and legal to receive a knife in your jurisdiction by...
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    Beckers And Chainsaw Photos Here

    This Cincy is usually on my hip when I'm out in the yard.
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    Becker Free Fallin’ Snarkin’

    One is nice, two is betterer, three is not a crowd and four... four is to be considered. o_O
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    *Winner chosen* BeckerWest Mega-Giveaway!

    I'm in. BH# 407 Thanks for the chance.
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    Beckerhead check-in thread

    Thanks to all for your thoughts, smoke and prayers. Very much appreciated.
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    Beckerhead check-in thread

    #407 still here. Just haven't posted much lately. Been consumed by family stuff for last 8 months or so. New grandbabies, one that has some medical issues that have kept her in the hospital since birth, coming up on 7 months now. Daughter and S-i-L are doing better than anyone could hope for...
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    Pics from the GRILL!

    Same company makes: Chicken Sh*t, Bull Sh*t, Aw Sh*t, Good Sh*t, and Dip Sh*t for fruits and veggies. They also package some together so you can buy a Sh*t Load, or a gift pack called Give-a-Sh*t. They also make salsa called Hot Sh*t. Everything I’ve tried of theirs has been worth it.
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    Pics from the GRILL!

    Took the 'before' pic and then forgot to take the 'after'.o_O Twas good though.
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    Week 33, Boker 732 Urban Trapper

    I’m in. Thanks.
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    First Becker Knife

    Niner niner niner niner. Love at first sight. Love at first use. Twoo Wuv. Welcome to the forum.
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    Snarking On A Tropical Becker Island

    Congrats. Awesome hunk o’ steel.
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    Week 17: KA-BAR Becker BK 15 Mini Camp

    I'm in. Thanks for the chance.
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    My Becker Story (or an intro)

    Welcome, enjoyed your story.