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    Why don't we start a group?

    I was not here when Uncle Bill was here but I have read some of what he had to say in the archives, and heard others talk about him. It seems to me that Uncle Bill was interested in downplaying the ego, and taking the lower seat. Putting together a formal group might feed the ego (Look at ME...
  2. T is becoming part of the Google+ team and will become GoogleKnife!

    GOOGLE is way too establishment to want a knife board! But it took me a minute to figure it out! Good one!
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    HI Christmas Kothimoda Katana

    I was talking about the Kothimoda. If there is more than one of them with silver sheath and brass fittings on the actual sword well then that must be just how they do it. To my eye, it doesn't match but that's just me. I would rather see silver fittings with the silver sheath.
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    HI Christmas Kothimoda Katana

    Ha! Back when this was first offered (around Father's day) I told you somebody would buy it even though it wasn't a matched set. Of course, I got slammed for expressing my opinion, not surprising to me, but who has the last laugh now? Set or no set, this was two beautiful pieces of work and I...
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    Bura Snake Knife-My first Bura!

    Bura was awesome. I have a Bura chitlangi that is just beautiful. It's not a knife it is art.
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    Bonecutter, HI warranty and "advertising" pictures

    This discussion belies the fact that folks don't buy HI products primarily to use them. They buy them because the company helps out people in Nepal who really need help. They buy them for the camaraderie that exists on this forum and in the Cantina, as sort of an 'admission ticket' to the group...
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    First Blood

    "This Chitlangi was already one of my favorite blades based on beauty. Now it has the distinction of being the only one of my knives that has tasted blood." Years ago they used to say every blade that left the shop was blessed by Gorkha blood. I don't know if that is still happening, but it's...
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    Five blems for 1/9

    Chemosh, if this was a normal business, your claim might have merit. But HI is not a normal business. This is very much a one-off group of people who like the blades that come out of Nepal, and over time have developed a very peculiar method of distribution and sales. There is a protocol to...
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    H.I. T-Shirt

    "Auntie already has crossed khukuri on some t-shirts for sale, unfortunately they have not been selling all that well." Take a look at the HI T shirts advertised on the HI website, look at the bottom of this page: The shirts are embroidered and...
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    Giant Tin Chirra by Rajkumar

    That is one beautiful piece.
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    A Father's Day Special For You

    Karda, I was looking at the kothimoda on the HI website, check it out: The metals all match. Also, it's a matter of taste. You have a right to your style, but I also have a right to mine. Trust me, someone will buy this beauty no matter...
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    A Father's Day Special For You

    Really nice work, but it's not a set. Silver scabbard and a sword with brass fittings, two nice pieces, but not a set. It's a shame because each piece is amazing in its' own right.
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    New Pants Dance for a Couple of HI Favorites

    I think what you are calling a weld is actually called a welt.
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    Deals for 1/19 --Pix, HI Farm Knife and Awesome Buys

    First time EVER..... I'm the first to see the day's DOTD!!! History is made!
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    Bura Dui Chirra's (BDC) Chopping Power

    Why don't you take it outside and give it a try? The best answer to your question is, see how it works for you!
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    Degradation of Sharpness - Carbon Leeching?

    Billy516, your experience is much different than mine and I sure do wish it wasn't! Glad to hear you can get your khukuri to do real work, that must be fun. I have tried, but just can't get mine to take an edge. I even bought a belt sander and got some sharpening belts, but no joy. I have...
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    Degradation of Sharpness - Carbon Leeching?

    MrMike says: "I'm a tad nuts for spending the amount of time babying this work of art." MrMike, you hit the nail on the head. These khukuris are works of art FIRST, and anything else, second. It's good to keep that in mind. My Chitlangi is beautiful, and it has a place of honor in my...
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    Broken Khukri

    I had a Buck General knife that broke under the exact same conditions after about 15 years of service. I sent half the knife back to Buck and they honored their guarantee and sent me a new knife with no questions at all. I am certain HI would honor their guarantee as well, and you should not...
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    Gold Membership

    Nasty, you have certainly picked the correct name for yourself. Give the guy (Chow) a minute to clear his throat before you jump down it.
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    US senior tourist breaks muggers neck

    I agree with UffDa, if this had happened in the USA, the senior would now be in custody for murder, awaiting trial. Very likely he would have gotten off, but not without an expensive, stressful trial. Thank God not every country in the world looks at things the way we do! The senior should...