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  1. lex137

    Half Face Blades SHPOS FOLDER for sale

    You’d probably have better luck in the hfb forum on Facebook, glws
  2. lex137

    BM 940 natural g10 and Spiderco smock 20cv

    Sorry I’m not since I’ll end up loosing money, with shipping, insurance, and fees.
  3. lex137

    BM 940 natural g10 and Spiderco smock 20cv

    If you’re not a member you can’t pm anyone
  4. lex137

    BM 940 natural g10 and Spiderco smock 20cv

    PR send me some contact information
  5. lex137

    BM 940 natural g10 and Spiderco smock 20cv

    For sale no trades, got into the rabbit hole of night vision... so I need funds 1. Benchmade 940BK-2004 Osborne Blade HQ exclusive. Brand new never used or carried, got it a couple of weeks ago. Blade centering favors the right side. Comes original box and everything else like tags, and will...
  6. lex137

    ZT 0888 ZT 0999

    Interested in pricing also
  7. lex137

    ZT 0850CF

    I’ll take it
  8. lex137

    Microtech Stitch

    Sold to Sharp_Life89
  9. lex137

    Microtech Stitch

    SOLD to in great condition microtech stitch comes with original box. Carried but never cut anything, original owner $375 ppgs fees include & shipping. Specs found here
  10. lex137

    Eberlestock S27 & Grey Ghost Impact 24 packs

    I wish that eberlestock was in that grey and green color!
  11. lex137

    FS Spartan Enyo

    For sale Spartan Enyo. Carried and shows wear on handle and wear from sheath, but has never been used to cut anything. No box, I somehow misplaced it... $110 including shipping and PayPal g&s fees. Posted on sites. SOLD
  12. lex137

    New Benchmade 495 Vector

    FS new benchmade 495 vector, first production 566/1200 never carried, used, and have original box. Selling for $150 including shipping and paypal g&s. Posted on other sites also.
  13. lex137

    Spyderco Smock 20CV

    I’ll take it per our correspondence
  14. lex137

    Voormi Men’s High E Hoodie>SOLD

    Color is red rock, wish this was a medium. Great price for a nice hoodie!