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  1. mchipman

    Off Topic Parallel Snarking

    Nice ride Dawson . Be safe and have fun.
  2. mchipman

    Becker made feathersticks
  3. mchipman

    Your most used becker

    It's been the 15 for quite a while, since it lives in the kitchen now.
  4. mchipman

    Benchmade pictures

  5. mchipman

    Benchmade 162 Bushcrafter Inbound

    Got mine the other day. I think this will be my main carry out in the woods from now on.
  6. mchipman

    TKC Becker Scales

    No problem, they have good customer service too.
  7. mchipman

    TKC Becker Scales

    I have them on my 7 and 16 and they are great. Good fit and finish and never had an issue with shifting or movement when using them.
  8. mchipman

    Finally getting a Becker

    The BK7 was my gateway Becker as well. I went with the G10 scales and the factory sheath has served me well.
  9. mchipman

    The Fire Thread

  10. mchipman

    Not to sure about the BK11

    The scales are ok for me without liners. I do have medium sized hands though.
  11. mchipman

    Not to sure about the BK11

    This thread needed a picture I really like the factory scales.
  12. mchipman

    New to the Becker World

    I went the way of the TKC G10 Scales. I have not gone to Kydex on the sheath yet, but as others have said there a some good choices out there. Welcome to the addiction.
  13. mchipman

    Your first knife/your first Becker

    First knife was a Buck 119. First Becker is my BK7
  14. mchipman

    Favorite Thanksgiving Becker

    Here is a shot from last year, probably going the same way this year.
  15. mchipman

    azwelke sheath give away for your Becker BK7

    congrats Gun Doc and thanks again for the giveaway Al & DeAnn
  16. mchipman

    New level of fancy

    I dunno, they might be cool on a 5 that stays in the kitchen. they do not however look like they work for a living.
  17. mchipman

    Did I miss something? (Remora question)

    That big river store lists them as 440 in stock.
  18. mchipman

    azwelke sheath give away for your Becker BK7

    here's mine, would love a sheath for it.