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  1. Cascadia

    Fixed Blades

    Need a PM please to complete transaction.
  2. Cascadia

    Fixed Blades

    Northwoods sold Thank you LastRodeo
  3. Cascadia

    Fixed Blades

    Dan Graves stag hunter. Minimal use (original sales link attached) $sold Northwoods knife co. Gladstone, MICH USA - Stamped on tang. bought 2nd hand so I can't speak to it's history. Stag scales, looks pretty mint besides some scratches on the guard. $sold CONUS ONLY PAYPAL ONLY I can only...
  4. Cascadia

    For those who love fixed blades,what do you like?

    I love all kinds of fixed blades. Big, small, thin, and thick. I have always been into Bowie knives but find myself acquiring smaller pocket size fixed blades recently.
  5. Cascadia

    Hope everyone has a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year ~ God Bless

    Too good of a deal to pass up. Very beautiful knives. I'll take the big one in the middle please.
  6. Cascadia

    Wart hog tusk Damascus drop point w/sheath "SOLD"

    Gorgeous little knife Dan. I will take this please
  7. Cascadia

    Fiddleback, Bark River, Buck

    Posting for Feedback
  8. Cascadia

    Fossil walrus ivory, New Damascus pattern knife "SOLD"

    This looks fantastic! I'll take it
  9. Cascadia

    Case Russlock

    Bought back sometime in 2000/2002 been in tin ever since. Never used, carried, or sharpened PayPal only please CONUS shipping only Frees and shipping included Will send my PayPal link through PM once sold. Due to my work schedule I can only ship on Mondays, sorry for any inconvenience. $65...
  10. Cascadia

    3 paring/utility knives

    Thank you, I worked in a custom wood shop while in highschool back in the day so figured maple always takes me back. Don't know if I'm supposed to post this here but - I haven't heard anything in a few days, does anyone know if that is normal for Stuart? With everything going on I'm just hoping...
  11. Cascadia

    3 paring/utility knives

    Ok, ok you got me. I've been drooling over that beautiful figured maple paring knife long enough - I'll take it
  12. Cascadia

    BRK - PSK

    I've decided to keep it to P.M. for now Thanks
  13. Cascadia

    BRK - PSK

    Thanks Yes it is
  14. Cascadia

    BRK - PSK

    Standard rules apply Know your knife laws Price includes PayPal (G&S) + Shipping in CONUS only No trades please Bark River Knives -PSK (Elmax) in Forest Burlap I'm going to play it safe and say this may have seen some very light use. I don't ever remember carrying it or using it but it was in my...
  15. Cascadia

    Benchmade Sold Osborne 940-1

    Knife is sold Thanks!
  16. Cascadia

    Benchmade Sold Osborne 940-1

    Benchmade 940-1 Standard rules apply Know your knife laws Price includes PayPal (G&S) + Shipping in CONUS only No trades please Condition - original owner, carried for about 2 weeks while I misplaced my other 940. May have cut a few boxes but that's about it - original edge. Blue anodized screw...
  17. Cascadia

    Leftovers SOLD

    Great looking little knife. I'll take it please
  18. Cascadia


    I'll take it! PP incoming Thank you, gorgeous work
  19. Cascadia

    Get em gone sale!!!

    I'll take the Macassar Ebony per our conversation. Thank you!