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  1. Starwolf

    Benchmade Benchmade 575SBK-1 mini presidio 2 ultra CF elite

    I'll take backup on this! Been looking for this exact configuration for a while.
  2. Starwolf

    Attention The Critical with 3V balde is coming for Kizer Friday Club in Feb.

    Looks great! I'd love to get one for that price!
  3. Starwolf

    Practice Here to Post Pics
  4. Starwolf

    Liong Mah, Chaves, Brous, Southern Grind, ZT

    I'll take the spider monkey. Sending email to you now.
  5. Starwolf

    I think that I'm in love!!

    Not a fan personally, but there is a smoking deal on one in the exchange right now that also includes a low ride clip beside the original.
  6. Starwolf

    Benchmade Mini Barrage

    Waiting to hear back from the email I sent yesterday afternoon...
  7. Starwolf

    Benchmade Mini Barrage

    Interested. Email sent with a few questions.
  8. Starwolf

    Spyderco Police 4 Lightweight spyderedge

    I'd get one in spyderedge! I love my plain edge, but the Police model needs teeth:) Honestly I really like combo edge on this blade length!
  9. Starwolf

    Para 3 Lightweight

    Thanks for the tip! Just ordered a serrated from cutlery shoppe which iswhat I wanted anyways.
  10. Starwolf

    Cold Steel AD 10

    I just snagged the last ad-15 at knifeworks. I see other places have gone up by about $50 already so I had to get one while I could! Already have the 10 which is awesome especially at the $140 I paid.
  11. Starwolf

    DPX HEAT , >>SOLD<<

    I'll take this.