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  1. DaKruiser

    No School like Old School

    Doesn’t get any better than a two bolt badger! Some day I’ll find one! Thanks for sharing!
  2. DaKruiser

    So I got a forge for Christmas...(New guy here)

    I really like the twist on the handle. What a fantastic gift, congratulations!
  3. DaKruiser

    Need Help ID'ing Team Gemini Knife

    I agree with JohnTheTexan, hard to tell from that picture. I would guess it's a TGLB in tanker grey and black canvas handles. Definitely not a TG14, those were satin, saber ground with a swedge and no fuller.
  4. DaKruiser

    Any hogs live near Kokomo Indiana?

    Grew up in Arcadia, Cicero, Noblesville area, live South West of Indy now. There's quite a few stealth HOGS in INFIana, maybe they will chime in.
  5. DaKruiser

    F-16 Picture Thread. Post them if ya got them...

    I don’t have many safe queens, so off to the woods when I got home this evening. The F16 chops well!
  6. DaKruiser

    Photos Dec 2019 - Black Friday Grab Bag Scores - Lets see what you got..

    Beautiful! My guess is a Mini Mean Street. Here’s the thread by Jerry with specs you could compare it to.
  7. DaKruiser

    Friday Night..."Bring IT" for Garth.

    Happy Birthday, Garth!
  8. DaKruiser

    Happy Birthday, Jerry!

    Happy Birthday, Jerry!
  9. DaKruiser

    Time, where does it go

    Happy Birthday! The “ManPaddlingPork” was my INFI pusher as well. He and a few other Hogs had a Chop-In at my place years ago, I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve met some of the finest people I know through Busse knives. Looking back, I know life has been sweeter thanks to Jerry and his crew...
  10. DaKruiser

    Battle Grade MOAB - This has to happen

    Bring it, BOSS Man! We need the MOABULB!
  11. DaKruiser

    Nothing here...moved

    Tried to send a message, inbox is full.
  12. DaKruiser

    Cerakote primer? or Jerry Wonka? Update w/pics

    I suggest getting some Zip Strip, use it outdoors or at least in a well ventilated area. Warm the knife with a hair dryer and pour the Zip Strip on liberally. It will take some time, Ceracoat is tough stuff. Just a heads up, some people were finding TigherHide micarta under ceracoat.