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  1. Macchina

    Loreno Custom Camp Knife. 9" Blade in 52100. Trade for Dozier or 3V or SlipJoints

    Still got this one if anyone is interested.
  2. Macchina

    Sold/Spyderco PM2 Scales (Red)

    I'll take this per our PM's. PayPal sent. Thanks!
  3. Macchina

    Budget Knives Give Away

    Thank you so much Chad! The new hunter is going to love this one!
  4. Macchina

    Budget Knives Give Away

    He took Hunter's Safety this week. He's been reading all my hunting magazines this summer when we camp with his family and asking questions about hunting so I encouraged him to take Hunter's Safety. We'll be doing small game this Fall (squirrel, rabbit, woodcock). I think a 3-4" knife would be...
  5. Macchina

    First hunting knife for a kid...

    I'm thinking I'm going to go Buck 102 if I buy one due to the almost unanimous votes for that knife. I have one (in 5160) that I love and now that I think of it my older brother got one from my Grandpa when we were young and we used it all through our childhood for squirrels, rabbits, and birds...
  6. Macchina

    Budget Knives Give Away

    Thanks! I'm in for a fixed blade for the young hunter you mentioned on my post!
  7. Macchina

    First hunting knife for a kid...

    I have a family friend I've been encouraging to get his hunting license and he just finished hunters safety. He's 12 and I'll be taking him and his Dad small game hunting this Spring. He's more mature than half of the people in know in their 30's and his parents allow him to have and carry a...
  8. Macchina

    Show your Leather Lanyards!

    Hey gnod, I'm the OP of that knife. I made the lanyard and just made the pad for some reason, I don't really know why. I will say it was easier in the pocket than a metal bead...
  9. Macchina

    Looking for 84mm Aftermarket Scales?

    I have a Vic Walker that is just right for a walk in the woods and though I may leave it alone I'd like to see what options are out there for custom scales. I don't know what exactly I'm looking for: possibly a metal (brass or titanium) but would also be really interested in orange G10 or a...
  10. Macchina

    Attention 2019 Forum knife question thread.

    It contains Canadian nudity (done in a classy way). If that's not your thing, don't get it, but it's pretty much everyone's thing.
  11. Macchina

    "been here for a decade" giveaway! (closed Fri 09/27)

    Awesome, and great anniversary. Congratulations!
  12. Macchina

    Week 36 - Himalayan Imports BAS Khukuri - 20th Anniversary Year of Giveaways

    I like the intro to this giveaway! Love the bonus prize! I'm in, thanks!
  13. Macchina

    Shelter Looking for a 2P lightweight tent

    Wow, I see a Garage Sale coming up soon at a local REI. Looks like I'll be signing up for a membership...
  14. Macchina

    Shelter Looking for a 2P lightweight tent

    I used to always hike with buddies and we'd split up the weight of a 3 man tent. I have a few of those but they are 6-7 pounds. I got into hammock camping for the past decade or so and haven't bought a tent in almost 15 years. I'm looking at getting a decent size tent for just myself or 1 of my...