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  1. J

    Buck 102 or Mora #2 ?

    another vote for Buck I'm a fan of Mora too, however, I'm a HUGE fan of Buck's heat treat.
  2. J

    Current Military and Law Enforcement Knives

    I retired from the Army after 22 years. Usually knives/multi-tools were issued only as part of a unit deployment and not as a soldiers usual issue items. Sometimes though, there would be a MOS that had some different tools, etc and a knife may be included. Multi-tools are mostly issued now...
  3. J

    What’s your max?

    I've spent $850 before on one knife. It was a beautiful custom Damascus from a local maker. Ended up really regretting the purchase because I didn't want to use it and it was obviously a safe queen. I use all my knives, and this one really made me regret the purchase so I sold it. Now my...
  4. J

    What was your first "big boy" knife?

    My grandfather owned a laundromat way back before washer/dryers were in almost everyones house. This was back in the day when most men carried a pocketknife of some type. He always had a big bucket of pocketknives that were left over after they cleaned the machines out. He always tried to...
  5. J

    Do you use a lanyard to carry your knife?

    Personally I don't. I end up cleaning/processing game and fish with a lot of my knives and something like a paracord or leather lanyard would get soaked in blood and crud. I can definitely see the advantage of using something like bright paracord or something if you drop it. I did use a...
  6. J

    Knives for corporate/promo use?

    My wife went to a trade show in Vegas last year and came back with a Buck that had a company logo on it. I don't know if it was Buck doing it, or if it was another company that took the Buck Knives and put the logo on.
  7. J

    Tops Bob vs Esee 4

    I have both. Honestly, you aren't going to go wrong with either one. I've absolutely throttled both on my land. As a few have already posted about...I also don't like the Essee 4 handle. Both are quality products, which is why I own and use both heavily. If I could have just one I would...
  8. J

    5.11 knives

    I spent a lot of time around them back when I was still in the Army. While I tended to carry from different brands, a lot of my soldiers carried them. Good little knives in their price range. Comparing apples to apples with competing brands in the same price ranges, I don't have any issues...
  9. J

    What's your most useful knife?

    I always have a SAK Tinker or Cadet on me.
  10. J

    Contact with Police officers/Sheriff etc

    I'm blessed enough to live in a very rural community. Its legal and I've never had an issue. Most of our sheriff deputies are too busy with meth/pill heads that haven't showered in a month anyway.
  11. J

    Recommendation? Christmas help with a Survival knife

    I mostly use ESEE and Tops around my land. I have the Izula, Izula 2, 3,4, and 6. Best warranty in the business. Proven knives. Tops I have a BOB, Backpackers Bowie, Cochise, and a Fieldcraft Folder. My only thing "against" Tops is that they have so many different models, its somewhat of an...
  12. J

    Recommendation? Suggest me a new EDC knife!

    My current EDC favorite.
  13. J

    Has anyone broken or severaly dammaged a Mora Companion (Not talking about abuse)

    I have busted one on my farm. The partial tang gave up the ghost. Not abusing it, but it was definitely worked hard. I bought another to replace it and probably have 20 laying around various tractors, trucks, and barns. the Mora is by far the best bang for the buck knife out there.
  14. J

    Do you like tanto blades?

    I carried one so much when I was in the Army I grew to like it. I didn't like it before I joined, but have one in my pocket now.
  15. J

    Your Black Friday purchase?

    I just bought gifts for Christmas. I bought a Southern Grind Spider Monkey to give to my brother in law. I absolutely love mine. I bought knives from Case and Buck to give to my nephews. (I bought each nephew a stockman from Case and a Buck 110)
  16. J

    Truck Stop Knives Rule (apparently)

    One of my neighbors is a knife collector and has a huge collection of really nice knives. Chris Reeves, some custom stuff, etc. His EDC carry knives are from the Phillips 66 gas station down the road from my house. He told me that around his farm, he found that he'd rather use the crap beater...
  17. J

    Would you use your own classy gents folder at a fancy restaurant?

    I worked at Chicago Chop House for a summer when in college. I was always more offended when someone asked for A-1 Steak sauce than when someone pulled out a pocketknife.
  18. J

    Hunting knife recommendation for nephew

    yet another vote for the Buck 110. I still carry the one my grandfather gave me decades ago every time I go hunting. Its a proven classic.
  19. J

    What are your top 5 favorite all-around EDC knives?

    Spyderco PM2 Benchmade 940-2 Southern Grind Spider Monkey. (my current fav EDC) Spyderco Military SAK Cadet (Honorable mention: Benchmade Bugout)
  20. J

    Throw away society-knives

    Last year my wife and I bought a set of Shun knives for my mother-in-law. She still uses her Ginsu knives she's had forever.