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  1. TLR

    Recommendation? Ceramic Glass Platen - JB Weld VS Carpet Tape

    I used jb weld the first time. The last two times I have used VHB tape. It's way easier and has held up well for me in temps that range from -30 to 100+
  2. TLR

    Forged in Fire should take a clue from Netflix show "Blown Away"

    Avigil- I watched Blown Away with my kids. I totally agree with you.
  3. TLR

    Help removing flared tube handles

    I have successfully drilled out the tubes with a drill press. If you can grind off the top of one of the flared ends (I once successfully used the same countersink I had used for the relief) then you may be able to use a regular drill bit to drill through the rest. Sometimes the heat will make...
  4. TLR

    Blade Show Rant

    And as a newer knife maker I was truly appreciative that you stayed last year. You graciously spent time talking with me on Sunday afternoon, you unrolled sold knives and allowed me to see and handle them, and you gave me advice on my knives and knife making in general. It meant a great deal to...
  5. TLR

    Personalizer Plus Stencils

    Patricia at IMG has been very helpful every time I have called and the stencils have worked well.
  6. TLR

    Recommendation? Curious about micarta!

    There is a guy on He has changed his name but his laminate is the best non-commercial I've worked with by far. There's a reason he is gaining popularity so fast. This isn't a plug just saying all non-commercial laminates aren't equal. OP - If you search his instagram you will see his setup...
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    I use my disk grinder at slow speed with fresh 220 grit paper to set the initial edge and then diamond stones and a strop to finish.
  8. TLR

    Recommendation? Buying titanium?

    I bought some cut off material and they were prompt and helpful. Thanks for the link @butcher_block
  9. TLR

    Calling it quits, no more damascus

    I am truly sad and sorry to hear this. I've been on this forum since the first month of its existence. I have always held your Damascus as the mist innovative and best produced in the industry. I was hoping to use some for my first Damascus blade. I hope you find resolution in your health problems.
  10. TLR

    AEB-L hardness recommendation

    Getting ready to send a bunch of AEB-L blanks to Peters. 4-5" blade range in 0.11" & 0.13" thickness. Mixture of hunting, bird & trout, and EDC type blade designs. 61-62HRC sound about right? It's my first time with this steel. Anything else unique to this steel I need to know before sending...
  11. TLR

    Any tips I need to know before sending wood to K&G?

    Would you be concerned with those internal stresses from kiln dried pieces? Thanks
  12. TLR

    Which do you prefer?

    That has been my experience as well. I find you have to work a lot harder to wash out lines with the cork belts.
  13. TLR

    Any tips I need to know before sending wood to K&G?

    So I have mixed box of wood that I want to send off to K&G but it's the first time for me sending in wood for stabilization. A bunch of kiln dried Wenge that should be good to go. Most of it is around 2x2. I cut almost all of it down to 5.5" long. I left a couple of blocks at 11." Thoughts on...
  14. TLR

    Off Topic Help finding the thread from the felt belt man

    Supergrit has a fine and superfine, each for $13. Not sure if it is 3m or not. They also have felt polishing belts.