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    Carrying a modern folder in my pocket (no clip).

    My job frowns on seeing knives clipped to pockets, so I've tried several different knives without clips to see which one works the best for me. I've found the Spyderco Salt 1 with clip removed is about perfect. Its flat, and extremely light (1.9 oz with the clip) and due to the knife's...
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    What are the best little EDC utility knives?

    Cold Steel Mini Tuff Lite. It's now my go to knife for work. Very useful blade shape and I'm able to get a full grip on the knife. Plus, it's only around $20 online if something should happen to it.
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    Who've you met from the knife world?

    AG Russell at his store as well. Bob Dozier and Daniel Crotss at his shop and at my store. Tom Krein at his shop
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    Going clipless.. what's in your pocket?

    Mini Tuff Lite, or Salt 1 plainedge. Bosses at work don't like to see clips on pockets, but I don't like to be without a knife. :rolleyes:
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    Great Knives of Your State

    Bob Dozier has his shop right here in Springdale Arkansas. A.G. Russell is right up the road in Rogers, and Tom Krein has his shop 20 minutes away in Gentry Arkansas. John
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    So who has EDC and used Buck Bantam (large) for a long time...

    I haven't carried the large version, but I've been carrying and using the Bantam BBW for several months at work. It does everything I need a knife to do for me throughout the day: cut open blister packs, open boxes, break down cardboard boxes, you name it - its handled it just fine. Heck, I've...
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    Buck one hander

    Check out the Bantam line. I carry the 284 at work in my pocket. Its so light I forget its there until I need it. John
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    Knives with Pocket Clips always getting lost

    I recently started a new job where clip-carry knives are forbidden. I have worked for this company previously for over 17 years and never had an issue with my Spyderco clipped in my right front pocket. I left the company to work for the competition and was gone for 7 years. My first week back...
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    Bantam BBW

    I'm right there with ya, USMule! I've carried a Spyderco clipped to my pocket since 1998. Rules are rules, but I'm still gonna carry a knife in my pocket! Its just not visable:rolleyes:
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    Bantam BBW

    The Bantam BBW is a great pocket knife. I just left one job where they didn't care about seeing a knife clipped to your pocket to another job where they absolutely do NOT allow us to use anything but the company provided box cutters. My first week at the new job, I attended a meeting with...
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    Not deal spotting; just looking for a black digicam Para 2 in stock?

    It is the Para2. I handled one there just a couple of weeks ago. I love shopping at A.G. but sometimes whoever handles their website doesn't always have everything labeled correctly.
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    Not deal spotting; just looking for a black digicam Para 2 in stock?

    Hope this doesn't violate the rules, but A.G. Russell shows to have that exact knife in stock.
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    Salt Series Recommendation

    My work knife as well.
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    What SE Spyderco would you recommend?

    Another vote for the Salt 1 in SE. Its been my EDC for the past six years. I use it almost every day at work, as Powernoodle says, it goes through both cardboard and plastic clamshell packages like butter!
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    Who EDC a fully serrated Spyderco?

    I've been edc'ing a SE Salt 1 for the past four years. Rips through plastic zip ties and cardboard like crazy! As far as touch-ups on the go, I carry a Smith's diamond sharpener. You can pick them up at most outdoor shops for around $7. The rod is tapered on one end for the serrations, and a...
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    CRKT Folts Minimalist?

    I absolutely love this knife! I own several different neck knives, but never found the "one" Each one was close, but no cigar. Then I handled this little gem at the A.G. Russell knife show and just fell in love with it! CRKT really nailed it with this one, from the sheath, to the...
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    My dog needs your help again

    Prayers and well wishes from us and our six pups! John
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    Is it fair to have a dog?

    Leaving your dog home alone is no big deal. As long as he has access to water and a comfy place to lay down, he is good! "I think my dogs are all better off for being part of my family." You are so right! My wife volunteers at our local shelter. They are overloaded with animals...