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    I can't believe I may do this

    Hadn’t bought a Gerber knife in a long time. Have a couple of their multi tools and they are serviceable (prefer Leatherman). As far as pens go I keep a Fisher Space pen in my pocket. But the Zebra f-701 is hard to beat as a sturdy “hard use” implement. Especially at it’s price point.
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    I'd Buy a Knife Over a Gun

    Interesting thread. Both have their specialized uses for the most part. Which do you prefer/ find more useful? A hammer, screwdriver, saw? Which is the better golf ball, tennis ball, bowling ball? I love and enjoy both, appreciate them for their specific needs and utility. You will most likely...
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    Considering a mini bugout

    Don’t have a Mini Crooked River but I do have the full size. Arguably one of the nicer, better made, aesthetically appealing offerings in the Benchmade lineup. But, it’s a much heavier, beefier option than most anything in a similar size comparison to the others you are considering. It will take...
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    Considering a mini bugout

    I’ve carried a mini grip G10 20CV exclusively until the Bugout came out which I then carried about 90% of the time until the mini Bugout came out which is now my primary carry but admit I do rotate some between these 3. If I could only keep one I confess it would be the mini grip but I’ve never...
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    Ever bought a knife without planning to?

    You should like this knife. Mine isn’t 3v but I carried it on 3 African safaris. My PH liked it so much he asked me to get one for him which I did. Still have it and smile every time I see it. It’s also been on a number of whitetail hunts and forays into the woods for no particular purpose...
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    How many?

    I typically carry a Leatherman Squirt PS4 and a Bugout which occasionally is exchanged for a Benchmade 556-1 (which I carried exclusively for many years) or a mini Bugout. I have many many options from which to choose but these seem to work best for me. Leatherman I find more useful a better...
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    Cold Steel Just Dropped A Salvo

    I became acquainted with Cold Steel in the late 80s. Have acquired a number of their iterations early on and since passed most of them on to my son for his collection. Until probably the last 10 years I had a great deal of respect for their product (ownership and flamboyance not so much). But I...
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    Help me decide: Benchmade AFO 2, Contego or Crooked River

    I have the Crooked River, (which I think is a big, beefy, beautiful knife) and the Contego with M390 blade which is a beast of a knife. My choice for a hard use folder is the Contego hands down. For a classy looking utility/hunter, the Crooked River. I also have the Freek and it's a real...
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    I love the Benchmade Anthem

    I too own and love the Anthem. Don't carry it much but is my favorite folder. It's a little larger than I like for everyday carry plus it's just too nice to risk messing up or loosing. Also own large and small CRK 21 ( blade size and shape of the large 21 is extremely similar) which I never...
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    Recommendation? First EDC - bugout or griptilian?

    I've had the minigrip with g10 & 20cv blade 4-5 years and carried it almost exclusively until maybe 2 years ago when I got a bugout which I then carried almost exclusively. Recently I've returned to the minigrip, which would be my first choice if I could only keep one. I prefer the better steel...
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    SOLD!! Benchmade Bugout OD green

    It won't let me post to your profile page. ???? My email is : [email protected]
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    SOLD!! Benchmade Bugout OD green

    I'll take it I'll need your PayPal info please.
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    Bradford guardian

    I have the 3 in M390. Love it. It's a bit large for me to pocket carry but does well with the cross draw sheath. I doubt you will be disappointed if you get one.
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    Bird cleaning knife

    Not to rain on anyone's parade but game shears are more useful and efficient than any knive I've ever tried on birds.
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    Top 5 Knife Companies

    For me based on utility that fits my life style and a design that appeals to me: 1. Benchmade - alleged QC issues aside 2. CRK - basic excellence 3. ZT - lot of value for the money 4. Spyderco- well made quality 5. Lionsteel- the Italian made stuff
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    Individual Threshold for a User vs. Safe Queen

    It's a curious thing, I have reservations carrying a $200 + knife but wear a $10,000+ watch almost everyday without a second thought. Go figure.
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    Bradford Guardian 3 M390

    If you are willing to entertain an offer please leave a message on my profile page with an email or other means to contact you. I tried to message you but that feature is unavailable to me because of your settings.
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    New School Gentleman folder collection

    I have 2 of the 4 you listed above, Gent, & Chaparral. Both classy and minimalist. I totally enjoy both and don't find any fault especially judged within their frame work and intended niche. Also included in my list of "new school gentlemans folders" are my Lionsteel Roundhead & Shuffler. Yes...
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    Massdrop Ferrum Forge gent?

    Received mine a couple of hours ago (I opted for blue). Very well pleased. Fit, finish, centering, action all very good. It does indeed have a very firm dentent as others have pointed out but not excessively so. The only minor issue and easily rectified is the pocket clip which is overly snug...
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    Kizer sold

    Payment sent.