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    Drop Shut?

    I like easy-shutting knives in general, but not too easy. I don't want it closing on my thumb. I especially like them with axis locks, so I can unlock with a thumb and finger then flick it shut.
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    New member

    I think you'll find many people here have also been fascinated with knives since childhood. Like it is in their DNA. Welcome!
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    What is the focus of your collecting?

    I like smaller (3" or less blades) folders that are slicey. But not too small. And I don't mind an occasional larger knife. I like elegant and well-executed designs with good form and function. I appreciate good, tight mechanics. I have no patience for blade play or other mechanical issues such...
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    Recommendation? How to make the hard Choices?

    I am also going through a downsizing phase. Knives are just part of it as is everything else in my house. I was taking an inventory of my knives and taking a close look at them - blade steel, lock type, condition, scale material, etc. - and put this graphic together of my main collection. After...
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    Photos My first knife...

    As Whitedog said, you may have created a user. I would add, you may have created a style (or brand).
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    What's your favorite locking mechanism and why?

    For strength and simplicity I prefer frame locks. In recent years, I also have grown to really like axis locks. I'm not sure they are as reliable in the long run, but they are fun to use, ambidextrous, and you don't have to worry about your thumb being in the path of the closing blade.
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    Small Folders

    Most of my knives have blades around 3" give or take. Large enough to have good ergonomics, but small enough to fit easily in my pocket. I most often carry a benchmade mini-bugout with a 2.8" blade. Light and easy with its axis lock.
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    Spyderco and CRK. Industry Giants?

    I'd be very interested to see sales numbers for all the major knife brands. I would guess that your average person who just wants a knife for practical purposes is going to spend a lot less than $100. I just can't see CRK as a high volume seller to the general public given their prices.
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    Opinion: Frame Locks are Ugly

    Eye of the beholder. Never crossed my mind that frame locks are ugly but I can see why someone might think that. I like seeing a solid hunk of metal locked under the blade to keep it from cutting off my fingers. Function over form is its own type of beauty, even if it ain't exactly pretty in an...
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    What is the holy trinity of knives?

    I would choose: Shirogorov for quality and design and hitting the sweet spot for flippers. CRK for breaking new ground back in the day (e.g., frame lock + quality). Benchmade for variety and innovation (e.g., axis lock) and never giving up.
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    Show Off Your Knife Collection!

    This pic shows may main collection, which are knives that appealed to me for one reason or another (quality, design, action, etc.). Not really a collection with a theme. Most of the benchmades and a few others are from the late 90s/early 2000s. Then there are several from the past 3 years or so...
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    What knife have you carried the most this year?

    Benchmade mini bugout is always clipped to my pocket. I think I'll change it up now though. Will probably go with a Shirogorov neon zero next.
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    Knife Storage

    I also use the spyderco folding bag with clear plastic pouches. I think it holds 30 knives.
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    Worst Knife Reaction?

    I assume we all know our local rules at court houses, airports, and other locations. One can comply or press to test. That's the choice. If you press to test with a metal detector, you will likely lose the game with even a small knife, or a set of keys, or some nail clippers. I pick my battles...
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    Off Topic Do you carry a back-up knife with you ?.

    No, I don't carry a backup. Today I was moving an old steel shelf unit in my old nasty basement that happened to be tied to the wall with a piece of twine. So I cut it to get it free with my Bugout, which was clipped to my pocket. In my world, I don't really challenge my knives. I could...
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    Disillusioned with bigger name “Reviewers”

    In general, I have gotten more skeptical of youtube reviews of any products especially as youtube gets more and more commercialized. That is always in the back of my mind when I am watching. I used to watch Shabazz and a few others frequently. Now I tend to be very selective, watching only...
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    Photos EDC - All Things Copper n Brass

    Rogovets one-off with copper back spacer.
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    New Member hoping to learn.

    My advice: High price does always not equal good or great. Beware of marketing. Don't drain you back account on a super high end knife unless you are really, really, really sure - most become ho-hum once you have them for a while (some don't, like Shirogorovs). Buy some cheap stuff so you can...
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    Thoughts on Alutex handle scale material?

    This is one of those Shirogorov-CRK collabs with purple alutex handles. I'm kinda lukewarm on the visuals of the knife. Looks like they slapped a CRK metal plate on a Shirogorov. However, the flipping and closing action is superb, pure Shirogorov. I'm also lukewarm on the alutex. Hopefully...